Friday, September 6, 2013

Another one on the frame...

 It's going on 2am and I can't sleep so I loaded another quilt on the frame.  This lack of sleep is killing me and we have a very busy weekend coming up so I hope that I'm not exhausted.  Anyway, I used a quilting design that a friend gave me that I've not tried before.  I forgot the name of it but I like it.  LOL!  My machine is doing a lot better but not perfect....I'm getting there.
 My sister spent the night with me a couple of days ago and we were trying to fill out her wedding invitations and her poodle, Zoey started pouting because we were not paying attention to her so she decided to sit in the box of invitations so we couldn't get to them.  :)  Dogs can be so silly and Zoey is spoiled. 
 I've also been working in more apples.  As you can see these are HUGE!  Lot's of work but I love being able to put all of these apples up for the family to eat later. 
 My mom came home a couple of hours ago!  That makes me very happy.  I've been so worried about her while she was gone this time.  She has been having some health issues and I don't like her being that far away.  

Our little town is having it's Septemberfest this weekend.  So Saturday will be a very busy day for us.  For one thing, deer archery season starts on Saturday, so I'm hoping that Richard gets a deer which season is in until some time in January, but I'm wanting to can some of the meat for later.  Hunter also wants me to take him in town for the parade at 11am.  Then I have a baby shower at 2pm and then the main festivities for the festival is Saturday night.  Not sure if I will have the energy to take him back in for that but Andrew said that if I didn't feel like taking Hunter that evening that he would.  I was very proud of him for offering since he is 20 and doesn't mind for his little brother hanging around.  :)  Then Sunday we have Church and after Church mom's work is hosting another family outing to a local amusement park.  So with all of this that I have to do this weekend, if you don't hear from me for a while you will know why.  :)


Libby said...

Love that quilt in your frame!! Is it one of yours? Enjoy your busy weekend!

DeAnna S. said...

The quilt is pretty. Have fun quilting it. Hope your weekend is not to bad for you!

Janet O. said...

I echo Libby's question. Is that one of your quilts? It is so pretty!
I am exhausted just reading your schedule, Kristie. I hope you get some rest and can survive the week!

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Beautiful quilt! Kristie.