Monday, September 23, 2013

Bridal Shower for my sister

 On Saturday we had a Bridal/Household Shower for my sister.  I have a ton of photos to sort through but here are two. ;)  This is the "dress" cake that mom and I made.  Chantal loved it! 
 We were exhausted!  We were trying to keep this all a secret from her and with all of the other wedding stuff we had going on were were just worn out.  Friday, I baked 66 cupcakes not counting all of the other stuff that had to be done before Saturday.  In the end it all worked out well and she was very happy so it was well worth it.  She even cried!

Here is a photo of a clothespin that I painted and decorated for the shower.  I made a half a million of them.  LOL!  They were used in a shower game that we played.  I tried to make them look as close as I could to the bride and groom.  Chantal has brown hair and Ronnie is bald.  She loved them!
 I'll post again as I can.  The wedding is in less than 2 weeks so I will be very busy!  


Michelle said...

Love the cake and the clothespins are awesome! You are so talented!

Janet O. said...

Oh my goodness, Kristie. You could be an event planner. Can't believe how cute those clothespins are. Good luck with everything as you get down to the wire!!

Michelle said...

Adorable clothes pins...I'm sure your sister loves appreciates all you are doing for her special day!