Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've got my mojo back! :)

Oh I'm loving my dear friend Annie!!  She doesn't have a blog but she sure is wonderful friend and quilter.  I've been in a quilting slump lately.  I know yesterday I pieced the flag potholders but I just couldn't bring myself to quilt them so I stopped.  

Today I got a small package in the mail from Annie and it was a little kit of houses to make.  Twelve tiny 3" blocks!  Nothing too overwhelming but just enough to get my mojo back.  :)  I cut all 12 out and pieced 2 of them.  As you can see on my design wall they are super tiny.  I pieced them two different ways and didn't realize that until I put them both on the wall.  That's okay because it will all be covered in the seam allowance.   
 It felt so good to sew on the tiny houses that I decided I would drag something else out.  I needed something new to get me started again.  So I got out some blue scraps and copied a pattern out of a book that I have and started paper piecing this simple block. 
 I know it looks a little odd up there alone but once they are all put together it takes on a whole different look and pattern.  It is called, "Turkey Giblets"  Years ago I made a wallhanging with this same pattern only in red.  I would like to make this one a lot bigger than the wallhanging but not sure how many blue scraps that I have.  I'll post another photo of it once I get more of it done.  

A little pick of my design wall.  It is a mess!  I still have my DWR (Metro Rings) quilt blocks up there.  Those need to be finished by Christmas so that I can give it as a gift to my sister.  You can see the flag potholder blocks along with the flag fabric backing for them.  Last but not least, the new blocks from tonight. 
 I even changed out machines tonight.  I was sewing on one of my Singers but changed it out to this, Princess Deluxe machine.  It is a Japanese Singer Clone that sews wonderful.  I just love the color of it.  This is one that I have had for a long time. 
 Last but not little Mammy!  This is her last night.  She was trying to let me know it was her bedtime.  :)  She sleeps in her crate at night and I leave the door open on it but when it is her bedtime she wants me to shut the door on it.  :)  She wants to go to bed around the same time every night. 
 I guess that is all for tonight.  It is after midnight, hopefully I can go to bed in a little while.  I'm still not sleepy...


Deb A said...

So glad the mojo came back! Your little houses are great. I can't picture the new blue one but I'm sure it will be lovely.

Missy Shay said...

I'm glad you are feeling like quilting again! I want to make a house block one day! Mammy is adorable and her name is perfect!

Michelle said...

Cute little houses! I've been in a bit of a slump too...but I can feel it coming back! :)

snowlady said...

Kristie I just love the princess deluxe sewing machine. It looks like it has a pearl finish on it.
I enjoy your blog and seeing all the projects.
Happy quilting.