Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morse 600 sewing machine

 I forgot to post a photo of the Morse 600 machine.  I guess I'm easily sidetracked these days.  Anyway, I picked her up a few days ago.  Cleaned, oiled, greased, and had to set the timing on her but now she sews perfectly. 
I love this machine!   The belt is rotted but as of right now it sews fine but I have ordered another belt to fit it because I know this one will break soon.  The belt only cost $2, so that's not bad considering these two machines were given to me.  

A couple of photos of my goofy dog!  She is so silly!   
 This one is my favorite!  Hunter, being the silly little boy that he is, said, "look mom, she has neck boobies!"  LOL! 
 Going tomorrow to look at another machine!  Not sure if I will get it or not yet, but it's PINK!  That's all that I know about it right now.  She doesn't even know if it works.  


Janet O. said...

Wow, you are really adding up the vintage machines. When does the museum open? *LOL*
And busy canning, too. With all that, who has time to quilt?

Suzan said...

Kristie - did you get attachments with the Morse? I have a bunch of them and don't have a Morse machine! I got them in a big grab box at a yard sale. I will gladly send them if you want them.

Missy Shay said...

Pink! If it is a Japanese 15 clone, you can always convert it to a handcrank or treadle if it does not work!

robin wood said...

Hi Kristie....."Neck boobies" now that's funny!!!! Would you mind if I shared this picture with my pastor and his wife, as they have two K9 bloodhounds? When on call they have to bring them to church (not in sanctuary) and we love our canine members (lol). Dog sitting during the service is an honor with plenty of volunteers, however, her lets their uncle do.....shucks. Thanks, Robin. my email is