Monday, November 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday

 My design wall is still the same.  I have my 4" windmill blocks on there.  I do have a few more of them pieced but I just haven't added them on there yet.  I think I actually have around 60 of them finished.  For the size quilt that I want, I will need 528 of them.  I hope to add to these blocks this week. 
 I did get my 2nd turtle quilt quilted and the binding finished.  It now lives with it's new owner. 
 I have my aunt's HUGE quilt on the frame which measures 120+ inches!!!  I am getting huge 8-10 inch skips!!!  I have got to figure out why!  I've tried a million different things but I finally just walked away.  I will go back to it with a fresh mind, that helps sometimes. 
 My oldest son, Andrew dressed for work!  He just started his new job with Marathon Oil.  I am very proud but I just worry myself sick as it can be dangerous at times.  He has training for 28 days STRAIGHT before heading out on the riverways.  I'm not even sure at this time where he will be headed or if he will even have cell signal when he does.  It's hard to watch your babies grow up sometimes.  He loves it so far and is very proud of his new job. 
 Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday!  


julieQ said...

First of all, love your windmills!! I know about worrying about your kiddo...I know he will stay safe, but we always worry. Hope you figure out why you are skipping stitches!

Janet O. said...

Skipping stitches--how maddening!!
You are going great on the windmill blocks. I think I have 17 made. : )

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love that quilt, it is on my list of to make one day