Thursday, November 6, 2014

Turtle Quilt #2

 Here is turtle quilt #2...ready to quilt.  I need to get it quilted this week and off to it's new owner. 
 I also have 54 windmill blocks that are my leader/ender project.  I need to cut out more of them.  I will probably cut more out as I am cutting out for the mystery quilt in a few weeks. 
 If my math is correct, I need a total of 528 of these little 4" windmills.  I have 54 of them finished so I will need 474 more.  This should make a quilt that measures approximately 88/96.  

I've been up since 4am as Richard was getting ready to go deer hunting.  I have to get Hunter up at 6:30am for school and Andrew up at 9am for work.  This is his last week at this job and he is moving on to what is hopefully a career job for him with Marathon Oil.  This is the same company that my mom and BIL work for.  He is super excited and I am a nervous wreck.  LOL!  As a mother I am torn between wanting him to stay my little boy and under my protective wing but I also want him to be able to do for himself, have a career, further his education in this field, and so on.  Now on the other hand....this can be a fairly dangerous job out on the water and he will be gone for 28 days at a time.  So that means he will miss several holidays at home as a mom this makes me sad, but I just pray that the good Lord watches over him and keeps him safe for me.  

I'm off to do some laundry before getting Hunter up and then hopefully some quilting later today.


Janet O. said...

Another very cute turtle quilt!
I am impressed with your windmill count. That will make a very nice quilt. Wish I thought I could be patient enough to make mine that big, but I am pretty sure it won't happen here. : )
Sounds like a great opportunity for Andrew, but I can understand your hesitations from a Mom's viewpoint. Hard to adjust to those changes as they become independent. I'm praying for you.

Karen said...

Your turtle quilt is very interesting. I made some turtle blocks years ago but they were small in comparison to what you have done.