Monday, November 3, 2014

Elna Grasshopper!!!

 An Elna Grasshopper!!!! 
 It came with a few accessories and 2 oil bottles. 
 This photo is after I did a little bit of cleaning but I still had not cleaned the outside of the case at this point.  I took her completely apart and oiled her but she was as clean as a whistle!
 She sews really well.  This is my first Elna and I just love it! 
 This was found at an antique/thrift store.  Mom an I also picked up these spools to use to decorate in my sewing room.  They are pretty big.  I placed a regular spool of thread in the photo so you could see the size of these.  I love them!  All of this.....for well UNDER $50!
 This machine makes me 25!  :)


Janet O. said...

Wow, what a find, Kristie. Very cool. Love the spools, too. I have some like that but not quite so big, in my sewing room.

Gayle said...

Awesome finds - days like that make thrifting & antiquing so much fun!

snowlady said...

Awesome machine find. The spools will be cute for decorating your sewing room.

Karen said...

I had been on the look out for one of these machines. Maybe some day.