Monday, September 17, 2007

1st Four Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

This is actually my first post on my new blog site. I already have 2 other blogs on this Blogger site. One I use for my horses and the other I just add photos of my quilts. The one with my quilts has nothing but photos, so this is the one that I will be typing my posts. I also still post on Serial Quilters. I am going to do this on for all those that don't want to fight through the mess on the other.

Over the weekend we worked a little more on the house. We finally got the back corner floor finished. This coming weekend we will try to finish all of the 1st floor walls done. We still need to put the walls up for the main bathroom, Hunter's room, and the master bedroom walls. Other than that I was pretty lazy this weekend.

Today, hasn't been much different. Got the boys off to school, fed the horses and cleaned the house. Oh, and I took a nap! I did work on my Sylvia's Bridial Sampler blocks today. I already had two of them done, from last week, but today I managed two more. So 4 down and 136 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This quilt has a total of 140, 6-inch blocks. It will take me forever, but it will be beautiful.

The boys should be home shortly, so after supper, hopefully, I can work more on my Bargello. I have the last strips sewn together. I just need to iron them and cut them for the layout. Then the borders. I really would like to get this one done and sent off to the quilters. After that I need to get back to work on my Cowboy quilt. Just need 11 more boots on it. They are not hard, it's just the fussy cutting for the diamond insets that takes so long. I will get it finished someday. I have a million quilting projects going on, I just need to concentrate on one at a time so that I can get them done.

Mom has been home since Friday evening, but I haven't really got to see her much. She went to Ohio for a friends birthday and should be back sometime today. I will probably be busy helping her for the next few days, painting. I get a big laugh out of her, she is so picky when it comes to painting and things like that. But she would help me if I needed it, so I will be there for her. She also has some problems with her shoulder and wrists, and after awhile they tend to hurt her pretty bad. I am actually really excited about getting to spend this "Mommy Time" with her.


Maureen said...


The start of the new quilt is beautiful! I have tons of projects started and could be finishing them but I can always find another 20 or so that I want to start.


Jen said...

They're beautiful!! You're going to rope me into this, I just know it!!!!!