Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to quilting...slowly...

Well, I'm finally back with a post! I have been sitting with my mom through the day until my sister gets home from work. Mom is still in alot of pain and is not doing the best after this surgery. But the doctor assures us that all of this pain is normal for that type of surgery. She is on pain medication and that makes her dizzy and silly. So we have been helping her walk anytime she needs to get up because she is lightheaded. Not that I could keep her from falling because my legs still are not 100% but I think it just makes her feel better that someone is there with her. She goes back Wednesday to have the staples removed. And then they will tell her how much she can move it.

So while I am sitting with her through the day and she is sleeping, I have been working on yo-yo's and bindings. Here are some of the yo-yo's that I did.

The other day Richard helped me pin a quilt on the frame. Right now, I have the frame almost against the wall and it hurts my legs to try to stretch and get to the back roller so he was a sweetie and helped me. I thought that since I am doing some short walks that I would be able to stand there and quilt at the frame for a few minutes at a time. I didn't want to start with anything large so these are lap size quilts.

These are nothing special just fabric with a border sewn on it. This first one is for my nephew, Gabe for Christmas. He likes Thomas the Train. I also wanted to quilt them with a very large and loose design so that they would go faster and I would not have to stand there that long. The quilting design is called "Happy Times" It did feel great to be back at the frame again, although I had to do some major cleaning to my machine it had set too long.
This is the other one. Remember the horse fabric that I bought at Hobby Lobby the other day?? I loved it but did not want to cut it up so I just sewed a border on it too. I quilted it with the same design....big and loose!

Here are some cute little photos that I took the other night. Hunter has always loved falling asleep in his daddy's lap. I know he is 8 but he still enjoys it. So I look over there and this is what I see....Richard with Hunter laying asleep across his lap and Jazz and Festus asleep on top of him. Anymore and I think his recliner would fall!!!

Here is a close up of Hunter....he sleeps with his eyes half open!!!
And of course, Donkey cuddled up in my batting pile snoozing!!!! My stepdaughter, Lexie started a blog!!!! I noticed earlier that I was her only follower so far which I'm sure that will change know how teenagers are they have a ton of friends.

Oh before I go, I have to brag on Richard. He has been so sweet. He knows that I am needed at mom's so before he goes to school he has been doing the laundry, dishes and all of the housework! When I got home the other evening he even had a big fire going in the fireplace! He is the best!!!!!



Lexie Layne said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! A lot of my friends don't have blogs. lol Love ya(:

Yvette said...

That is so fantastic that you are able to stand at your quilt frame and quilt. You are a master at pantographs!!! I tried it once and it is really hard.

I love those pictures and I think it is great that Hunter likes to snuggle with his dad.

Joanne said...

Glad you are back to your quilting! The quilts are beautiful - especially the horse on, some fabric doesn't need cutting, I like how you just added borders.
My son sleeps with his eyes half open too - it would creep family members out.LOL
I hope you Mom gets better soon.♥

Cheryl Willis said...

I love your quilting! Glad to hear that you were able to get a few finished. It gets frusterating being down too long. Prayers for your mom to have a restful day. cw

Libby said...

Sweet little Hunter!! and Donkey! It is so good to see your work again..your quilting is always so beautiful!
I love that horse fabric...a perfect Christmas quilt!

Colleen said...

My dogs always flop across my husband and sleep on him too. :o) Hope you mend fast as well as your mom!

Texan said...

Cute pictures of your son and DH.. and girly you are right,,, what a sweet DH you have to help you so much!! These good DH's are very hard to come by!! I think we better keep ours!!! :O)

julieQ said...

I am so glad you can tolerate quilting some...I loved the picture of your hubby with all the little ones!

jillquilts said...

Yahoo for Richard helping you out!!! And hooray for starting the quilt machine and moving along on that! Doesn't it feel great to get back to it?