Thursday, November 4, 2010

House Goodies!

Today Richard and I had some errands to do. I sat in the truck most of the time and worked on these!!! Just figured I would do a tablerunner or something out of scraps. Just something to do while waiting on him.

I did get out at the Home Surplus store and look around! Found a FRENCH DOOR for my master bedroom for the house. Still need to stain it but it will go out on to a private deck from my bedroom. Got a great deal on it, solid wood and only $269!!! I was happy with that!Here are a few other house photos that I took while they carried the door inside. This is the flooring that will be in my laundry and all 3 bathrooms. Right now we just have them laying there still need grout between them but we made these from molds, concrete, and concrete coloring! You can find the molds on Ebay. I really like them, they are actually about 3/4 inch thick!
Here are my kitchen lights that we bought a while back! You know me.....found them on clearance!!!! This large light measures 36 inches, it will go over my island. Regular price...$148....Clearance price....$37!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep! $37!
This is the light that will go over my kitchen table. It matches the island light! Regular price...$88....Clearance price $22!! I was very happy to get these for the price! Got them at Lowe's.Oh and as I was walking back out of the house, I took a close-up of the front door! What do you think? Should I leave it this color???? I know it still needs another coat of paint, but does the color look okay?Very tired, had a long day! I should sleep well tonight! :) Richard has to pick Andrew up at school tonight around 9:30pm. They should be back from his trip by then. He has to get up early and head back to school in the morning. He has another FFA field trip during school tomorrow. I'm sure he will be tired this weekend.
Mom has another doctor's appointment in the morning. She will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon. I think I will go with her. Maybe between the two of us we can get there and back! I have a bad leg and she has a bad arm!!! Hehehehe!


Libby said...

Good LUck to you and your Mom!!
Your house things are so pretty! It won't be long now til you are all moved in!! Gotta love that!

Your handwork is so pretty and it always is!

Amelia said...

Excellent selections for the my way of thinking anyway!

Texan said...

Wonderful finds for you home! You so remind me of me when we were building our house. I was out scouring every sale I could! Such pretty finds at such great prices!

and Girly I LOVE that floor your making from molds with concrete! I have to go look at the molds. That is just the sort of rustic look that is great in homes on farms!! Great Job!

Yvette said...

So glad to see you stitching again, your flowers came out nice.

LOVE that french door and what a bargain!!! You really found such great bargains on your lighting too!!! I need to start checking out Lowe's and hope that I can get some deals like that.

Good luck to your mom! A torn rotator cuff is worse than a break. I hope it is just a strain or sprain.

Joanne said...

You sure got some deals, and I like the colour of your front door.
Good luck with the appointment.♥

Honey Bear said...

Nice bargains for the house. It will be so nice when you get it all done. I do like the color of the door.

I hope all goes well at the doctor's.

jillquilts said...

Forgot to add in my comment on the last post - sorry to hear about your mom! What a bummer!

Things look great for the house! Great deals and those lights are awesome!

Guðrún said...

Wow did you make the flooring your self? The French door is gorgeous.