Friday, November 26, 2010


Why does nothing ever go as planned???? Got up this morning actually feeling pretty good, I should have known that was a bad sign! :) Jumped in and straightened the house up and then decided to sew. just went down hill from there.

I posted yesterday about a Christmas gift that I was piecing, but I really wasn't in the mood to work on it today. I have several tops that I would like to have quilted by Christmas and since I was able to do that lap quilt the other day I figured I could load another quilt on the frame. So first I tried to find the top that I wanted to quilt but searched high and low for the backing and could not find it anywhere. Then finally I decided to quilt one of the other ones that I needed to get done. So I asked Richard to help me pin on a HUGE quilt! He thought that was a mistake anyway and maybe that would have me standing too but but I assured him that I would take lots of breaks.

I made a quilt top about 10 YEARS ago and it still isn't quilted. Mom loves it and hinted several months ago that she would like to have it for Christmas. So I had a backing that was 120" and I ROUGHLY measured the quilt top and come up with 114" (told you it was HUGE) We pinned the backing on which took a while since it was 120" then we started to pin the top on, I didn't want to float the top since it was so big, just thought it would be easier to have it off of the floor. Well, we started pinning and the quilt top was LARGER than the backing! Yep! The top measures 122" Please don't ask why I made it so big, I don't have a clue and like I said I've had it for about 10 years.
So this is the quilt top that was too big. I will have to try to pick up something larger when I can.
I really didn't want to have to take the backing off of the frame after all of that work so I decided to dig through my tops and find something that would work with that backing. And I found this... I know it is ugly but it sure will be warm. It is flannel.
This top is about 12 years old. Someone gave me a bunch of flannel scraps and I pieced this top. I just want to get some of these older ones done.
This one is big too, it measures 96x106. Now I have it loaded on the frame but I am too tired to start quilting on it! :) But this does nothing for my Christmas list because this is just a quilt that I will keep and use for myself.
Maybe tomorrow I can start quilting on it unless something else goes wrong.


Kentucky Granny said...


Joann has a King sized barring by warn and natural that is 120 by 124 and it is on sale or there is a cupon for 50% off. I ordered one for my daughter's denim quilt. It can be stitched every 10". Figured ordering would be cheaper in the long run than going to Lexington to get one.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Libby said...

Dang Girl! Atleast when this quilt is done you will have one less quilt to quilt!!

That pink and green quilt is beautiful!!! No wonder your Mom wants it! I love star quilts!

Joanne said...

The quilt is so pretty!
I am sure things will get better tomorrow!♥

Amelia said...

Some days just don't go as planned and sounds like this was one of them. After a good night's sleep - things should look better.

Yvette said...

UGH! So sorry!!! At least the quilt on the frame will finally get done.

Rhonda said...

I know what you mean about things not going as planned. And, I too remember making those big, big the time, it was so much fun to make but very hard and expensive to have quilted....LOL...glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Take care.

jillquilts said...

Don't jinx yourself!! Nothing will go wrong! Everything will work out just fine!

That's too bad about the quilt top that was that big. What a pain! I think that the pinning of the quilts and the measuring to make sure that there is enough backing is such a pain!! Good luck!!

I'm glad that you woke up feeling great though! That is a great thing!!