Monday, November 29, 2010

Quilting on the Pepto Quilt

It was back to school for the kids today. Hunter did not want to go, but that is nothing new. Here he is this morning looking surprised when I uncovered his head. He was trying to hide so he would not have to go to school.
I did not rest well the first part of the night because of my legs but the pain finally eased off and I am doing fine today. But I have taken it much easier today than I did yesterday. :)
Me and Richard pinned this quilt on the frame this morning before he left for school. This is a Christmas gift for my sister! She loves PINK! This quilt is ALL PINK! When I made this quilt, I was actually trying to use up all of my pinks because I'm not real crazy about pink but it seemed like I had alot of it. I kindly call this the Pepto-bismol quilt!:) Anyway, we got it pinned on and I quilted a couple of passes on it with the machine and called it quits. I will try to get it finished up over the next few days. I'll show a photo of the complete quilt once it is finished.
I got this panel in the mail today. I ordered it last week to make a quilt for my nephew, Zeph. Since this is just a panel and not as large as I need it to be, I think I will just add a couple of borders and quilt it.
Mom is feeling a little better. Now she is getting restless! :( I went out this morning and made her lunch, did her dishes and sat and talked with her for a bit. Chantal made her breakfast this morning and helped her get dressed before she left for work. So I figure that between me and Chantal we can take care of her. I think tomorrow we are driving in to town to get her out of the house for a bit if she feels like it. And then on Wednesday she has a doctor's appointment so that will get her out too.


Libby said...

Oh lord Girl!! I had a very hard time getting Cade out of bed too!! He had a hard time falling asleep Sunday night, so that made it worse!
I remember that pink quilt! I love pink so it is one of my favorites!
Enjoy your day out with your Mom!

Yvette said...

I remember when you started that pink quilt for your sister. I hope she doesn't read your blog! LOL!!! She is going to LOVE it. I hope you feel well enough to get her done.

Joanne said...

Some neat projects going on at your house - the pepto quilt is very pretty.
Glad to hear that your Mom is getting better- and that you are too!♥

jillquilts said...

That is a great quilt for Chantal! You are doing great with getting some quilts done. I need to just load one on my frame and test out the machine since it's been cleaned and then start quilting on Christmas presents. Have fun getting your mom out of the house! :)

Mama Koch said...

It's definitely PINK!

If you have any left, you could do Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. It has a lot of pink in it.