Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Blessings...

Sitting here watching it snow and have a nice big warm fire going in the nice and cozy. I love nights like this, home with the family, good warm fire, and the snow is falling.
Forecast was calling for snow today and tonight so I got out early this morning and did my errands before it hit. The grocery store was packed, I only got what I HAD to have and got out of there! A few minutes after I got home we had some visitors! It was Richard's brother and his wife and they had their new little grand baby with them. So I got to spend some special time holding and feeding my only great nephew!!! Here is a photo of him taken last month. I forgot to take any photos of him this evening but we all had a nice little visit.
Today while I was out I picked up my yearly ornament. Every year since Richard and I have been together I get a new ornament for the tree with the year dated on it. This year I got a Jim Shore ornament. I think it is really cute but the price was even better! Priced $10 but on sale for 25% off and then I had an extra 25% off coupon, so I got it for $5!!!

I must say that I am feeling very Blessed this Christmas. Every year I stress over Christmas and getting stuff for my kids. Richard is still laid off and unemployment doesn't pay much....enough for bills but nothing extra. But this year I have been Blessed! So far I have sold 4 quilts!!! I love my quilts but I have so many and this time of year, I need the money more than I need the quilts. So 4 quilts already sold and more to be picked up within the next few weeks. A couple I still need to quilt QUICKLY! I just thank God for letting my legs hold up long enough to get the ones quilted that I need to get done.
Here are photos of 3 of the quilts that have gone. I can't find a photo of the 4th one, I have it somewhere. Some of the others I can't show photos of until after Christmas. The first two I quilted last year, I think, but they are still new and never used. The 3rd one I posted a photo of not too long ago when I got the binding done.
I forgot the name of this first one but I really liked the colors in it.
Not exactly sure what the name of this one is either. Got the pattern out of a magazine and it was called "Bluestone Tumble" but I think that was because the fabric line used in the magazine was called "Bluestone"
This one is called "A Coat Of Many Colors" This one is lap size, but I really like making this pattern.

I will post photos of the others when I can but it may be after Christmas. That way I don't ruin any surprises for anyone.



Yvette said...

You are really getting back at it! I am so happy you are too, I really missed your posts.

Rhonda said...

I'm so happy you are enjoying your snowy weather and the little one. Good for you with the quilts sale. I wish my world was wonderful but at the moment it's'll have to read all about it with my In Hot Water post.....
Take care.

Cheryl Willis said...

I have to tell you that reading your progress has inspired me to suck it up and finish a couple of quilts myself.
I still tire easy and have been using that as an excuse to let the tops sit in the frame way too long.
thanks for sharing your struggles. have a merry christmas. love cheryl

Suzan said...

Congratulations on your sales! I know how nice it is to have that little bit of extra income because it makes such a big difference!

Libby said...

Those quilts are beautiful...and so is that baby! I agree with Cheryl, you are a great motivator!
Enjoy your snowy day!

Joanne said...

It is great that you sold some quilts! They are beauties too!!♥