Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Need To Get My Butt In Gear!

Lot's of photos in this post! Well, over the past few days I've been doing everything except what I should be doing! Still have some Christmas sewing to do and I was sewing on Bonnie's Mystery Quilt!! Oh well, now I've got to get my butt in gear and get this sewing done. Got a lap quilt on the frame right now, may end up staying up late tonight and working on it. Can't really show any photos of anything until after Christmas, but I still have 4 more to quilt! But I did get all 60 of the strip blocks that I need for Bonnie's Mystery Quilt! :)

I also need to make several Rice Heating Bags, Pot Holders, and Coasters for gifts too! Today Richard took me into town (I don't drive in the snow) and while at Walmart, I picked up a 20lb bag of rice for the rice bags. You should have seen that cashier when I put that 20lbs of rice on the counter! Anyway....those shouldn't take that long to do.

I feel really good about my last post on the CAREFREE YEAR OF QUILTING 2010 No one puts the pressure on me to get my UFO's and things done, I put the pressure on myself and this coming year I don't want to do that. I just want to sew and have fun!!! I've come to the conclusion that MOST of my UFO's will NEVER get done and I'm sure I will keep adding to them. But there are some that I want to finish and several that I don't' ever want to look at again! I also have several new projects that I would like to do. So we will see how the year goes!

Here is a photo of my Jim Shore's...mom picked me up another one. The latest one is on the right, I really do like these. I would like to add to these every year.

Here is a couple of photos of Hunter playing in the snow!!!And one of Richard....
Now on to some of my silly animals!

Hunter and Festus!
My sweet little Smokey! I had to take this photo when I walked in and saw him on the couch like this! He loves to cuddle! And yes, I know he is in bad need of a haircut! But look how precious!And here is is after he woke up and is rubbing his eyes with his little paws.

I guess that is all for tonight, I've got to get my butt to sewing!!!!!



Amelia said...

The Jim Shore items are so pretty...such detail on them. You can keep the snow...we were in the 50's today - was nice out.

Libby said...

LOVE your Jim Shore's!!
That picture of Hunter and Festus is pure sweetness!!!

Texan said...

Smokey is just to cute all tucked in his bed sleeping, then rubbing his eyes lol.. great pics!

Yvette said...

I love seeing your pet pictures, they are just too adorable. I need to start taking more pictures of mine.

I so agree with you on the UFO's. I had several on my list at the beginning of the year that I donated. It felt so good to be rid of them.

Erica said...

Thanks for your post and reminder that quilting is supposed to be fun! I'm looking forward to making more time for this kind of fun in 2011. Your Jim Shore collection is lovely!

Quilting Krazy said...

Love the pictures! Especially the green sweater! :) So I am curious on how you are making the rice bags? Sounds like a good quick project.

jillquilts said...

I'm catching up on blog posts now. :)

I agree that a carefree year of sewing is needed! Especially after my franticness this last couple of weeks! lol