Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have felt like "Blah" all day! I've had a little bit of a headache, nothing major but just enough to make me feel bad. I've not really felt like doing much today and Richard said I was even a little "CRANKY" LOL! Whatever!

I did rip out my tablerunner that was beginning to look like a rug and ended up making some trivets! I'm much more satisified with these.

Do you remember these tubs that I have shown over the past couple of weeks?

Well, I decided today was the day to sort through them...I had everything in there...
from yardage, to fat quarters, strings, pieces to be cut into squares and strips, and also some that was smaller than a 1/2 yard but larger than a fat quarter that had been cut on. I even had some of my Civil War fabric mixed in there. So I got that all put away.

I even found this wallhanging or tablerunner. I had pieced it out of fabric samples. I also had the backing and binding cut and with it.
Here is the tub of scraps that need to be cut into squares and strips.
And lastly here is the photo that I just took! It is pouring snow!!! We already had several inches on the ground but now it is pouring again!
Not sure if I will start cutting on those scraps tonight or just wait. At least they are sorted.


Texan said...

Well I liked your rug/ basket or ???? but I also like your trivet!! Very nice!

Somedays are just "cranky" days LOL a girl just can't help it lol

Wanda said...

I can understand the "cranky" with the headaches (I get migrains on a regular basis) so don't let it get to you. I know you are glad to be through the "bits" that you had bucketed about. I know that I am having a good time going through mine (until they decided to change my allergy medicine that is). We are getting another round tonight too but I don't think it will be much but enough that I am ready for it to be over as well.


Libby said...

I'm cranky too!! We had today off from school (tomorrow too) and I didnt do any sewing!! Your snow looks so pretty!!

Yvette said...

I love that little baby rug/trivet. They are going to have a class on how to make rugs like that at my local quilt shop.

Boy, you sure do have a big stash!

Winona said...

Hi Kristie, I love the last picture of the snow fall at night. Very nice. Hey, we all have to have a cranky day now and then. LOL I know I have my share. Just ask my husband. (grin) Have a good one.

jillquilts said...

I'm so glad that I am not the only one who collects scraps like that! lol

And that I am not the only one who was grumpy this week! ;)