Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Pondering...

This post may jump around alot but my mind is rolling this morning. You see...I'm really not sure if it will happen or not but we are hoping to get in our new house by MID-SUMMER! I would like to be in it by our 10th Anniversary which is May 12th, but if not then at least before cooler weather hits in the Fall of 2011. At this point, Richard says that he doesn't really see why we can't be moved in by May! But the thing is....the house will be NOWHERE near finished when we do move in. I know it is so hard to live in something and still working on it but I just can't stand it any longer!!! So we have agreed to move in as soon as it is livable! Now I'm talking bare minimal living here! I know that when we move in we will still have plywood floors and I'm sure all of the walls will not be painted, all of the trim will not be done but I'm just shooting for drywall on the walls, electric and water, oh and my kitchen has to be "cookable" Actually I don't think "cookable" is a word but it is in my world!

My mind is saying "I want!, I want!, I want!, but our wallet is saying "Can't!, Can't!, Can't! So as I sit here typing this post I am looking around our current place to see what I will take and what I will get rid of. There are so many things that we need but alot that we can live without. For one thing....I will need a zillion curtains and none that I have right now will fit the windows. So I may end up making most of them until I can buy what I really want. Also alot of the pictures that I have hanging on the walls in here, I don't want to use in the house so that will leave me with blank walls. I do have several things stored outside in the outbuilding but everything has been there so long that I don't even remember what is in there. Some things in the building are new, some are antiques and some I will not use. But I do have a few new things boxed up in here that I know of, like......a new set of Paula Deen cookware, several of the odds and ends that go with the Paula Deen cookware, like the roasting pan, big skillet and stock pot....all in ORANGE! I also have a new kitchen aid food processor, and new down comforter set for one of the kids rooms and several little things like that! Okay I guess I have bored you all enough with this stuff so on to quilting!

I'm still puttering along on Bonnie's mystery quilt! Here are some photos so far.Here is a pile of pieces and blocks piled on my ironing board that needs pressed.

Oh and right now, I am working on the 600 half square triangles I think I have about 150 of them done right now. (they are not all shown in this photo)
Here is a photo of big butt Donkey as he fell through a box that I was packing up. I had these boxes sitting by the door waiting for Richard to take them out to the building and Donkey decided to sleep on one of them and fell through!
And little Hunter as he slept this morning. I let him sleep in because he has to start back to school in the morning. I will sure miss him.
Back to working on these million triangles!!!!


jillquilts said...

MAY?!?! That's just a few months away! Very cool! And talk about it all you want to.... I'm pretty excited about it, too! lol

julieQ said...

I hope you are in your home soonest!! Love your mystery quilt!!

Libby said...

I am excitied for you!! I think that it is a fine idea to move in as soon as you can, then take your time fixing your home up the way you want it to be!! This is ya'lls dream home!! Enjoy!!!

Yvette said...

Your new house is a dream come true! I hope you can move in come this May but if not at least you can start at it and dream. What will you do with the old house?

Tazzie said...

Oh my goodness Kristie, this is the best news ever! I'm so very excited for you!

Texan said...

Girly I know you are excited, who wouldnt be! I can see why your mind would be going 1000 miles an hour!!

Quilter Kathy said...

I think we might have some of the same fabrics :)
Isn't it fun!?! I can't wait for the next (last?) step!

Mama Koch said...

Who says you HAVE to have curtains? Move in and then see what all you need. I like being able to see out..and since we live out away from everybody there's nobody peering into my windows anyway.
So exciting! It took us forever to build, but I'm so glad we did.