Friday, January 21, 2011

Puttering Along...

Thanks for all of the well wishes for Donkey! I'm sure if he could talk he would thank you all. He seems to be feeling a little better today. Yesterday was the first time the he had used the litter box for several days and that had me worried. He is still draining a lot but the worst part is the actual bite. The skin had rotted at that site and he to be cut out around it and cut down to his backbone. It is now stitched and looks a little odd shaped back there but the hair will grow back and I think he will be fine.

I haven't been sewing a lot lately. Just so much going on with Donkey and having to hand feed him. And then the weather makes me stiff and achy. My right hip and leg is giving me fits, so I have been spending some time in bed reading.

A few days ago I did get these two blocks made. This is for a new quilt that I am working on. I will post a link to the pattern when I can, for some reason I can't get my little link thing to work today. Anyway, I fell in love with the pattern when she posted it. I did have to change some of the fabric coloring around since I had to work with the fabric yardage that I had on hand. I had been saving this Civil War Reproduction fabric for some time now just waiting for the perfect pattern to use it on. Anyway, these were my sample blocks. Most of the time I try to make a sample block before I cut out the whole quilt to make sure the dimensions are correct.

I'm ashamed to say that I am just now working on the binding on Mom's quilt that I gave her for Christmas! Shame on me!!!! This thing is huge and that is why I kept putting off the binding, I think it measures somewhere around 96x122 if I remember correctly. As of right now, I am somewhere around the half way mark on sewing it down on the back. (See my little Smokey buried in the quilt)

We got more snow last night! No school today!!! There was school on Tuesday, Wednesday and it dismissed 2 hours early on Thursday.

I'm off to take care of Donkey and get this binding done!



Ann J said...

I do like the blocks and the colours Kristie,just my thing :-) Would love to have the pattern link ! I'm sure Donkey will be OK, my cat just had the same think happen to him, but we caught it sooner thankfully!

Luv.......Ann J

Libby said...

Beautiful snow and blocks! Enjoy your weekend!

jillquilts said...

Love those blocks!!!

Mary said...

I'll be curious to see how those blocks interact with the changes in fabric placement. I do like the blocks!

QuilterLaura said...

Sorry to hear about your poor kitty. I sure hope he recovers quickly!