Thursday, June 28, 2012

Started a new one....

After finishing up 3 UFO's recently, well getting the tops completed and in the pile of tops that need quilted.  I finished up the Log Cabin, Shades of Lilac, and Spiderweb, this month.  So yesterday after doing some machine quilting I puttered around trying to decide what I wanted to work on.  

I found these 4 patch flip blocks that I had pieced from my scrap basket a while back.  I had planned on making 2 lap quilts but in the end I think I will just make one big quilt.  There are a total of 60 blocks that are pieced.  
Here are some of them on my design wall.  I haven't started sewing them together yet but I do plan on getting this finished up soon.  
After playing around with these blocks for a bit, I moved on to my Everlasting Wreaths.  I don't have very many of them done and it is a long term project.  I only did one block and put it away.  One is better than nothing, right?  
I cleaned some in my sewing room before it got too hot up there.  I gathered up so many small scraps and strings that I didn't have room to put them in the crate that I keep them in.  
As you can see the crate is full and I have at least this many more to put in there.  So how do I get them all to fit?  I started a new quilt, that's how!!!!  
I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while of a new quilt.  I sat down and figured it out in EQ.  I can't really show much of it right now but here are part of the string blocks.  The quilt will have 2 sizes of string blocks.  So in the end, I ended up making about 20 of these string blocks yesterday but I need a couple of hundred!!
I made a couple more basket blocks over the past few days.  That brings my total up to 20.  I was asked about the pattern and I could not respond because the comment was listed as "no reply"  Anyway, the pattern is called "Trick or Treat Baskets" by Blackbird  Designs.  I'm really enjoying the process of making them.  
Then yesterday afternoon, Hunter and I went out to mom's and did this.....
We had lots of fun and I was sooooo tired by the time we got back home.  It was a nice day spent playing.  My precious little nephew's, Zeph (5) and Gabe (3) we also out there but they had already gotten out of the pool and were over in the dirt playing with mom.  :)  

I don't think I will get much sewing done over the next few days.  This morning I will do more machine quilting and then spend the rest of the day cleaning the house.  Hunter is having a birthday party on Saturday and then Sunday after Church we are having a few visitors.  


Suzan said...

Those "flip" blocks are the same blocks I use when I make a "Four on the Floor" quilt. I love them because they are easy to throw together and you can make a quilt in no time. I love the wreath blocks. I am trying to be a scrap quilter but I still have a lot of trouble with random scrappy. I like my scraps to be under control at all times!!

Anonymous said...

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Me and My Stitches said...

You are always so stinking busy! Love all of your projects. Your Everlasting Wreaths blocks remind me that I need to work on hand quilting mine. I started it a long time ago, but haven't touched it for ages. Add that to the list!

Yvette said...

I am intrigued by your string blocks, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

That pool looks so refreshing! It looks like a long hot summer id starting. I am ready for the fall.

Texan said...

Well you have been busy! You can't go wrong with a string quilt, I just love them and they are fun to do! Those Everlasting Wreaths blocks are neat looking!

lil red hen said...

I really like the flip blocks! Not many seams to match.

I do believe I'd go to Mom's every day!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the pattern name of your basket blocks. Sorry about the no reply thought I maked it reply. Anyway thanks again. Can't wait to buy the book and get started!!!!

Janet O. said...

I love your Everlasting Wreath blocks! Yes--even one block is progress, I think.
I am curious about your string blocks.
Busy weekend ahead for you! Take care--don't overdo.

Narelle said...

I've finally been able to catch up on some blogs and've been very busy!
Love the tops you've finished and the Everlasting Wreaths look great.
Clever idea for your scraps too :)