Monday, June 25, 2012

One down and a million more to go!

 I finally got the borders sewn on my "Shades of Lilac"  It was late and the lighting was not the best, so I'll take a better photo of it once it is quilted.  I have a few others to do first and then I can do one of my own! :)  It is much brighter in person, I promise.  This quilt goes to a special little granddaughter!  
I've been trying to decide on a quilting design for it.  I think I will do something with lots of quilting since it will be washed often.  I'm just happy to have the top finished.  
Another shot of my baskets!  I'm up to 18 of them now.  
The latest blocks since the last photo are the bottom 2.  I need to prep a few more before I run out of them.  
 Here is a quilt that I delivered on Saturday.  It is called Patriots In Petticoats.  It is a beautiful quilt!  It was pretty big, I think it measured 98 x 98.  I have several other photos to post but those quilts either need to be delivered, mailed or they are gifts and can't be shown until the owners deliver them.  I'll post those as soon as I can.  
It felt so good to finally get the borders on the Shades Of Lilac.  I have so many tops that are ALMOST finished.  Some of them just need borders, some need a few blocks, nothing major....just need to be finished.  So my plans for the week are to get a couple of those things done between machine quilting.  Here is my plan....

I will work on the machine quilting upstairs until it gets too hot up there.  Richard may not like my next plan but I'm sure he will not say anything to me about it.  I am going to bring my regular sewing machine downstairs so that I can do some piecing on it after it gets too hot up there.  I'll either set it up at the dining table or our bedroom.  I don't want to make a big mess but if I just bring down one thing at a time, it shouldn't be too bad.  

So once I get my machine downstairs this week, I want to assemble my "spiderweb" blocks.  See, this is one of those that is close to being finished.  I have all of the blocks sewn into rows, I just need to sew those rows together and then the simple borders sewn on.  After I get that one finished then I want to work on my "Raspberry Patch"  I have all of the pieces sewn together into strips.  I need to decide on placement of those strips and get them sewn together.  There are several strips so that may take me a day or two.  

And before I close, here is a shot of my chickens.  I mentioned in the last post that I was moving them to a temporary coop because we are tearing the other one down, we have plans for another barn there and then I will move them back to the barn.  Richard has been sawing lumber for the barn for a long time and we hope to get it started sometime before the summer is over.  Back to the chickens....I moved them to a little shed that is on the backside of the goat house.  It is small but it works.  Oh and the blue bubble wrap that you see in the corner, is a truck seat that is stored in there that goes in my 1951 GMC that Richard and the boys plan on restoring...later.  Anyway, I don't have another place to put it right now so it has to stay in there.  It has a zillion layers of bubble wrap so the chickens can get the seat dirty.  
 One of my girls are missing from this pic but there are 6 hens and one rooster.  Richard teases me because I name every animal that we have no matter what it is.  If you are a fan of "Gone With the Wind" you will understand the names.  The rooster is "Rhett", the white hen is "Scarlet" and I know the others look similar but they each have something different about them so that is how I tell them apart.  One is "Mammy" (Scarlet's nanny), "Melonie" (her friend), "Bonnie Blue" (their daughter), and last "Suellen" and "Carreen" (Scarlet's sisters).  Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie.  


Yvette said...

Your granddaughter is going to love her quilt. It freaks me out that you are a grandma already. LOL!

I don't blame you for sewing downstairs. My quilt cave is upstairs too and that room gets the hottest first.

Floss said...

Granddaughter? congratulations.
Purple is my favorite colour so it goes with out daying that I love the Lilac quilt.

Janet O. said...

Love Shades of Lilac!
I know I have only been following your blog about a year, but I don't remember a granddaughter.

Melodie said...

You always have a bunch of projects going just like I do! I like being able to skip around based on what I feel like doing at the time. We will get them done, eventually :-)

Dirt Road Quilter said...

The borders on Shades of Lilac really finish it off nicely! Your granddaughter will love it! It sounds like you are going to be making lots of progress on your UFO pile! LOL on naming your chickens after characters from Gone with the Wind - I was just visiting with a friend this morning and I asked her what she was doing today. She said it is too hot to do much of anything in the afternoon and she was going to watch Gone with the Wind with her nieces. Great movie...and book!

Anonymous said...

Love your wee baskets. Could you please share the name of the pattern or book.