Sunday, June 3, 2012

Doing some thinking...

 This morning while sitting in Church, I was doing some thinking.  I know my last two posts may have seemed like I was complaining about everything that has happened lately and I know that everyone has their ups and downs, but I do have so much to be thankful for.  There are just too many things to make a list but I am thankful for so much.  Times can get hard from time to time but I know the Lord will not put any more on us than we can stand.  I know at times it may seem like we are at our limits but he knows what he is doing and everything happens for a reason.  We may not understand or know why things happen but he sure does.

I did a little sewing last night but not really enough to show.  I also worked on cleaning up the sewing room some.  The bad thing is, you can't even tell that I touched it.  This should be a busy week for me.  My thread order should be here tomorrow and after I get that, I need to get some of these done.  I have one loaded on the frame now, ready and waiting for the thread!  I'll post a few photos as I quilt them.

Hunter has a dentist appointment first thing in the morning.  Nothing major just a follow up.  Speaking of Hunter, look at this photo that I snapped the other night.  He asked if he could stay up late and then sleep in the living room.  I let him but look at him the next morning....He and Jazz look as if they had a late night snack!  LOL!  Jazz is guarding his pizza crust!  BOYS!!!  You gotta love them!  And yes, Hunter sleeps with his eyes half open.
A week or so ago, I won a giveaway on Janet's blog (Rogue Quilter), and I received it in the mail!  The photo does not do it justice.  The little pin cushion and ornament are pieced perfectly!  Even hubby commented on how well they were made!  A beautiful set of note cards that will be so hard to send and not keep for myself. :)  And last but not least and really nice stiletto.  I did not have one of those so I'm sure it will come in handy.  If you don't know Janet, you must go check out her blog!  She is a wonderfully nice person and a great quilter.  She has been so sweet to me since I have known her and I feel very Blessed to have found her blog.
I know this is a short post but we have Vacation Bible School going on all week, Richard and I didn't go tonight, just had too much to do.  I know that is not really an excuse but that is what happened.  He is working on the Gravely tractor trying to get it fixed and I was helping him.  Andrew is working but I did take Hunter up to Church for VBS and my brother is bringing him back home on his way.

Have a wonderful and Blessed evening.


Janet O. said...

Your musings about the Lord not giving us more than we can handle are spot-on. Though we face trails and hardships, they are nothing we can't handle with Him on our side. We just have a tendency to forget that, don't we?
You are too kind, Kristie. And it is a privilege knowing you!

jillquilts said...

That is the best outlook to have! I have to keep reminding myself that while work is a challenge to get through, i'm very lucky to have job. Sometimes, that is what gets me through the days! Lol

Erzebat said...

Hunter looks adorable! my grand niece sleeps with her eyes 1/2 open too and she has a mini weiner dog that sleeps with her. cute cute cute! (mauh) Liz