Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sewing Progress..

I've been getting a little bit of sewing done the past few days.  I've been getting Richard up at 5am so that he can get his day started before it gets so hot outside.  So as soon as he is out the door, I'm upstairs in the sweat shop until it gets too hot up there.  I've been working on some machine quilting and I am almost completely caught up!  I have a couple to mail out and one to deliver and a few more to quilt.  

I also got my Shades of Lilac ready for borders.  I'll post a better photo of it as soon as I get those on.  I'm hoping that I will get that done tomorrow.  I'm trying to decide on how to quilt it, I think I want to do lots of quilting on it since it is a baby quilt and will be washed often.  

I have several more baskets finished too.  I'm up to 16 of them now.  I think I have 4 more ready to be appliqued so I will have to prep more of them this weekend.  This is a nice little project to keep my hands busy.  I have these in a little basket on my side table by the couch so it is easy to just pick them up and sew while I am sitting there.  If you look close you will see that some of them are NOT perfect but I'm sure by the time I get 291 of them done you will never notice them...or at least I hope so.  
Yesterday afternoon I came inside and ended up taking a nap on the couch when I woke up this is what I saw above me.  This is the view above the couch.  If you look close you will see my fan up there is dirty!  That has bugged me all day!  I know they have those ceiling fan cleaning brushes but that is a 24ft ceiling!  I'll have to try to find one of those handle things that adjust to different lengths, that is the only thing that I can think of that will work to clean it.  Sooooo....I have been keeping the fan turned on because as long as it is going, you can't see the dirt.  Hehehehe!  But even doing that I keep catching myself looking up there to see if I can see the dirt.  :(  
Now to my boys...  Hunter playing with Andrew's Ipad.  He loves that thing.  I know boys are just boys but I was in the kitchen and I kept hearing horrible noises and them giggling, so I stepped in the living room to see what they were up to and the silly things had downloaded an app that makes farting sounds!!!  :(  They have drove me up the wall with it.   
Andrew had the day off so it was nice to spend some extra time with him.  Here is his this evening in the front yard.  He had his horse out so that is the lead rope that he has in his hand.  I love my boys...
I have a busy weekend ahead.  Friday, I have to move some chickens around.  I'll try to take some photos of them.  I don't have as many as I did have, but I have one rooster and 6 hens.  That is enough to keep us in eggs and I don't have to buy them.  I am putting them over in a temporary coop so that we can work on the other one.  I will be putting them in the shed that connects to the goat pen.  Richard built me a temporary door and put it on there and we put their nesting boxes in there and fixed them a little place roost for the nights. Then after that I have to go to the grocery store and then deliver some quilts.  

Saturday morning I have a few things that I am doing with mom.  Then later in the evening after Richard gets his things finished up we are heading to a friends house.  They are having a little "get together" and making a big thing of gumbo.  Then I will be coming home and cooking for the Church homecoming dinner that we are having after Church on Sunday.  

Our Church homecoming dinner is outside under the picnic shelter right after Church.  I'm hoping that it will not be too hot.  

That is all for to you tomorrow!


Janet O. said...

Love the colors in your "Shades of Lilac" quilt.
And look at you go with those little baskets. I'm impressed, Kristie.
Haha--I have a ceiling fan about 20 ft. above me in our dome cupola. I can see the dust that has collected on it, but I have never managed to do anything to clean it, so I try not to look. : )

Suzan said...

I know those ceiling fan blade cleaners have a fairly long extension pole but not nearly long enough to get to your fan blades. I am betting Richard is going to have to drag in the tallest step ladder y'all have and then use the blade cleaner. I had one in the center of a cathedral ceiling but you could reach it from the loft on the second floor. Right now the on in my kitchen is making me crazy because it is also a vaulted ceiling and I can't reach it. Thankfully, my son is coming next weekend. I am putting him to work all OVER this house!!

Yvette said...

I love your little baskets. I can't believe how many you have done!!

I have a high ceiling with a fan. I bought an extension pole and am able to clean it with no problem.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

I think your little baskets are so sweet...and they look perfect to me. That is going to be an amazing quilt. If you turn the fan on high, will it fling the dust off? :) Wish we had more chickens left too, but we'll get by until we can add more next year.

bernie said...

You are really going to town on the little baskets - they are cute. So is the little lilac baby quilt. I love to do baby quilts, they are so sweet. We have the fans going around the clock because of the heat wave - cleaning them is a pain! Bernie