Monday, November 19, 2012

A Fun New Block...

 Things have been a little busy around here, getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I will be having somewhere between 21-24 guests here.  So lots of cleaning and preparing.  Honestly, I probably will not even be able to touch my sewing machine until after Thanksgiving.  

Hunter had his Thanksgiving Dinner last Thursday at school.  It was nice to go have lunch with him.  Here he is with a couple of his buddies.  
As I mentioned in my last post I have been working on some potholders.  Here they are all layered and ready to do the quilting on them.
I have lots of scrap batting that needs to be used up and these are the perfect use for the small pieces.  
Here are a few of them that are ready for binding.  I'll get to that as soon as I can.  They are fun to make.
 Here is a new block that I made.  I love it but as of right now it will just stay as a single block.  I'm not sure if this is a quilt that I want to tackle right now with everything else that I have going on.  I do love it though.  
 I've had the pattern printed out for a few months but just got around to trying it out.  It is a great use for those small strings and bits.  I got the free pattern here.
 I'll leave you with a quick photo of Leo.  He loves to nose around in my sewing room.  He is doing a little better after his vet visit but still has a long way to go and needs to gain about 20-25 lb.  I hate to see a dog so skinny.  I'm just glad that we were able to save him from being put down.  He loves to play and he has bonded so well with the family...especially Hunter.  
 The only one that he doesn't like is Donkey!  LOL!  Donkey sits up on the beams above our living room and that drives Leo crazy!  LOL!  


Quilt Hollow said...

Gorgeous block! Thanks for sharing the link!

Jill Montgomery said...

Oh, I like that new block! I might have to save that link! And way to go on prepping backings and battings. :)

Michelle said...

Have a great week, and don't get stressed out. It's the week to be thankful, not stressed!

Loved the picture of Hunter and his buddies. The boy in the middle looks like he could be a real corker!

Be blessed!

Yvette said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. It sounds like you will really be busy!!

Janet O. said...

I'd like to know how you host Thanksgiving without stress? Just hope you don't overdo.
That new block looks like a killer, Kristie--but sooo gorgeous. How dare you tempt yourself? Will you be able to set this one aside. : ) After all, aren't you starting Easy Street this week?
I laughed at the mental image of Donkey up on the beams and Leo below going crazy. Too funny!