Thursday, November 1, 2012


 I received another package of pillowcases from Sharon!  Thanks so much Sharon!  

WE DID IT!  Yep!  WE had a goal of 100 pillowcases to donate to "For Jamie's Sake"  a charity that helps foster kids and adoptions.  These pillowcases are given to each kid that comes through their organization along with clothes, pillows and just whatever they can help them with.  

I counted several times and kept coming up a little different but in the end WE ended up with.....101!  This just brings tears to my eyes, quilters have such big hearts.  
There were also a few books sent along with the pillowcases too.  I'm sure those will be greatly enjoyed!  
I just called the lady at "For Jamie's Sake" and left a message to find out the best time for me to deliver these 101 pillowcases!  I'll let you all know as soon as I find out something about delivery!  

To me, a simple "thanks" just doesn't seem like enough for all of your help and time with these pillowcases, but I do thank you more than you know.


Deb said...

So glad you met your goal! Great job Kristie. Love the new photo by the way.

Janet O. said...

WooHoo, Kristie! That is wonderful news. You have had help from amazingly generous quilters that blew me away with the gifting of their time and talents (oh, and part of their stash, too)! : )

Michelle said...

That is just awesome! Congratulations on making your goal!

Michelle said...

Wow...congratulations on reaching your goal! What a great thing to do. Love your new profile pic too! :)

Sharon said...

Glad to hear mine got there. And a big "thank you" to you for doing this. If you need any more, just let me know and I would be happy to make some more.

Karin said...

Isn't it amazing how when everyone contributes a little, it makes such a big difference? What a great shot with all of those pillowcases! Congratulations on meeting your goal - the kids will be thrilled with their 'just for me' pillowcases.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal. I am sure they will be appreciated and the books too!!!!

Good job ;)