Saturday, November 24, 2012

After Thanksgiving Sewing

 I've been resting up the past couple of days since Thanksgiving.  We had 22 people here for dinner and I am soooooo tired.  As soon as everyone left I fell asleep on the couch.  Since then I haven't been doing anything other than what I have to.  :)  I have been sewing a little bit too.

I'm sure like a million other people I have started on Bonnie's mystery quilt!  I was so excited about this one since I didn't get to make the one last year.  

Here are my strips sewn together for my 4 patches.  
Here is my basket of twosies. 
My pile of 4 patches that need to be pressed...
I started pressing them but didn't get them all finished.  I figure I will just keep that basket by the ironing board and press a few at a time this week and have them all finished before step 2 comes out. Click here to see how everyone else's part one of Easy Street has turned out.   
Hunter and I spent some time in the sewing room together.  I am sitting at the treadle piecing some strings and he is in front of my at the Kenmore making a toy holster.  :)  It was a nice day.
I finally caught Andrew home and still enough for a photo.  Poor guy he works all of the time.  Last week he put in 80 hours, working 2 jobs.  His classes start back in January so he will have to drop one of the jobs.  I am proud of him but I worry that he is going to fall over from exhaustion.  He is a good boy, well young man.  I'm proud of both of my boys.  They are my world and I feel so Blessed that God put them in my life.  
 I am sooooo behind on blog reading and emails.  Giggle....I have just been too tired to do it.  I'll get caught up in a few days hopefully.  

BTW...Richard put up the door to the master bedroom and Hunter's room this morning!  That was exciting for me.  Very little thing that we get done on the house makes me very happy.  He still has to do the trim around them but I think he is just going to wait and do all of the door trims at once.  We also switched beds out of Hunter's room.  He had bunkbeds and when we moved in the house we only put up one of the beds in his room.  Then the other day Richard's 92 yr old grandmother had to get a hospital bed brought in to her house and asked if we had room for her bed in our house.  So long story short, Hunter now has a full-size bed.  At first he wasn't pleased because he said it was going to take up too much of his room but after we got it set up he liked it.  The reason that his grandmother had to get a hospital bed is because he can't turn herself over in the bed and with the hospital bed she can hold on the the rails and turn herself.  She was here for Thanksgiving and I was very happy that she was able to come.  She is very special to us.  

Okay it is 9:46pm and I'm heading to bed.  I'm tired and we have Church in the morning.  Hopefully after Church I will get to sew a little bit.  

Oh before I go read my SIL's facebook status.  I thought it was so sweet.  John is my brother and Gabe is his 4yr old son.  I thought it was precious.  John smashed his finger really bad the other day and it was all bloody and the nail will fall off then he cut another finger yesterday.  

Gabe came to John and was hugging and patting him on the back and said Daddy I'm gonna pray for you in the morning. John asked him why and Gabe said because you are getting boo boos everyday John cut another finger today. So blessed our babies know who to ask for help. I love my little Christian family!!!


Yvette said...

I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I would still be sleeping if I had hosted that many people. LOL

I look forward to seeing your mystery quilt. I kept saying I was going to do Bonnie's mystery all year until she showed the colors. I just can't look outside the box. LOL!

Janet O. said...

What are the other colors you have chosen for Easy Street? I can't decide if I am going to use repros or shirts, but I won't start until the holidays are over, so I still have time to decide.
Glad you survived your houseful of guests. What did you say you were grateful for at the dinner table? : )

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your shirtings 4-patches for the mystery - gorgeous.