Friday, November 9, 2012

Two new additions....

 I have been sewing but I will show all of that in another post but today I want to introduce you to LEO!  
Here is the back story....  Hunter has been wanting an outside dog for a long time to play with and we have been wanting something that will NOT bite but will bark when someone comes.  First off, there have been so many break-ins around this area and lots of time they just come in while you are home.  It is sad but true that this is happening much more often.  When I'm in the back of the house or upstairs I cannot hear when someone pulls in the drive and sometimes I can't hear them knock on the door unless they knock really hard.  I CAN hear him bark and that is what I wanted!  Does all of this make sense?  

Buying a pup was not an option for us and we wanted a grown dog. Richard and I decided on a boxer.  We had both had them growing up and love them.  I had mentioned this to a friend and she told her friend, and so on.  We found several but money was a big thing for us and we just couldn't afford to go out and buy a big expensive dog.  

Then we got a call, from a lady at a shelter not too far from here.  She said, "I've got a dog for you"  We had gotten our cat from a shelter a few years ago and I know that the cost varies but this shelter is a "kill" shelter and they only keep them for 3 weeks before doing away with them.  So the price is only $25 and you have the option of having him neutered at your own expense.  I can do $25 but not several hundred like most of the others wanted.  $25 is not much for peace of mind and also making your little boy happy.  

I told the lady that I would talk to Richard about him and let her know.  She said, "I will mark adopted on his cage because I know that once you see him, you will take him home"  He is a 2yr old, full stock Boxer that had been surrendered by his owner.  I don't know the whole story on what happened other than the owner had some health issues and was going through a divorce and he surrendered him.  I didn't take a photo of his body because he is soooo skinny.  You can see his ribs and backbone.  So sad, but hopefully he will gain some weight soon.  He seems to be a really good dog, very lovable and hyper.  I know these dogs do have a lot of energy but that is what Hunter wants and I wanted one that would bark!  He is completely housebroke and we did keep him in last night but he will be staying outside unless it gets down too cold.  He has a nice big warm dog house out there and plenty of room to run and play.  BTW...he was due to be put down on Monday.  :(
When we got there we were early so we drove around and found a Goodwill.  We thought we would go in and pass some time.  The only thing we bought was a $8 sewing machine.  This is the first "newer" one that I have bought and the only reason that I did buy it was because it didn't look like it had been used.  When I got home and took it apart, I realized that it hadn't been used because the plastic wrapper was still around the sample bobbins that came with it.  This photo was taken after I started taking it apart.  
 I figure the reason that it had not been used was because the lever that raises up the foot wasn't working.  At first, I thought it was broken but the spring was just caught on itself.  I fixed that and it works fine.  
 It sews great and all of the attachments are there.  
It sure does have a weird bobbin.  It is very big and flat.  The bobbin winds in the bobbin case so that you don't have to unthread the machine.  
As I mentioned, it hadn't been used I think because of that lever.  When I took it apart I was going to clean it but there was nothing to clean so I just oiled it and put it back together.  It has several stitches that work great too.  I'll post a few more photos of the stitching and stuff in my next post, I haven't unloaded them from my camera.  

I don't plan on keeping this machine because it is a newer one and I tend to like the older ones.  It was just in too good of shape to pass up.  I thought about giving it to my mom but then decided that I have a friend that loves to sew and make clothes for her daughter.  She doesn't have a machine because her house burned so I will probably just pass this on to her.  I've had so many Blessings in my life and I figure since I can pass on a good deed then I should.  I know that she will love it.  


Katie M. said...

What a sweet looking dog. Thank You from taking him home - he will know he was rescued and be the most loyal of pets. Paying our blessings forward are the best. I know your friend will so appreciative and think of you every time she sits to sew. You're a good person.

Janet O. said...

Good save for a good purpose on both counts, Kristie! Does your new family member have a name yet?
I'm sure your friend will appreciate you thinking of her--what a blessing this machine will be for her.

Michelle said...

Bless you for saving your pooch, and for passing on the blessings. Life is about loving others and sharing our abundance, good deeds and loving spirits.

Angie said...

Your new furbaby looks like a sweetheart! And oh I'm so glad yo were able to adopt him and give him a forever home. :) Luck was really smiling on you with the sewing machine too. Sounds like the perfect gift for your friend who lost everything in a fire.

lil red hen said...

Oh how I wish you could have gotten one of our "dumped off" dogs! I don't like dogs because they've killed so many of my cats, but I understand how others love dogs. One of these dogs had seven puppies! I've had a stressful summer! lol

I keep my doors locked whenever I'm home alone. My sewing room is at the back of the house and I don't hear cars drive up.

How very sweet of you to give the machine to your friend. A very good thing!

Honey Bear said...

Love your new dog. What is his name? I spent just over a week visiting with my Mom and her neighbor has a boxer. She sneaks him little dog bones thru the fence every day. :o)

Anita said...

Congratulations on Leo and the new sewing machine. Isn't it nice to be able to help someone out when you can.

Little House on the Hill said...

Glad you took the dog home. Boxers are beutiful dogs, loving, protective and fun. My first Boxer was going to be put down by the breeder. No one wanted the last two in the litter. My dad took one and I took the other one. We have had 3 Boxers and they made great pets for our children. They are easy to train but it has to be done early because they are puppies all their life and without the training they are mischief.
They do have some heath issues so a visit to your vet may be of benifit. Hope you enjoy your puppy he looks beautiful

Cheers Pauline

debbie said...

This is such a nice post and it made me feel good to read it! Rescued dogs are the best and they do seem to know. That dog has the sweetest, wisest face. And that sewing machine find was probably meant to be as well. It is lovely of you to decide to pass it on to a friend in need. Thanks for the smiles! debbie

Narelle said...

Sometimes things are just 'meant to be' ... Leo and the sewing machine are 2 of those.

Yvette said...

What a cute dog! How sad that someone would surrender their pet. I wouldn't be able to do that with any of mine, they are my family. I am so happy that Leo found your family. He will be loved and have a great place to live.