Friday, January 18, 2013

Sewing Roads...

 We finally got my design wall finished!  Richard was gone so I had Hunter to help me cover it with the Warm & Natural batting and we got it up on the wall.  I will take a photo of it next time.  I took one but when I loaded it on the computer it was really blurry.  Anyway, I am very pleased with it.  

Since we had to cut part of the insulation board off at the top to make the angle of the ceiling, I had a little piece leftover.  I squared it up, covered it with batting and fabric and made a little thing to put my ribbons on.  I have a couple more somewhere, I will have to dig those out.  These two are 1st place for my Log Cabin quilt and 1st place for my yo-yo quilt.  
As soon as Hunter and I got the design wall attached to the wall, Hunter went and grabbed his quilt blocks that we had worked on last year.  I guess it was last year, maybe the year before.  LOL!  He started sticking them on the wall.  I asked him if that was a hint for me to work on it. LOL!  I let him design it how he wanted.  It will have a border on it too, just a plain green one.  The pieces of fabric in the upper right corner are his idea.  The brown is for a big dirt field that he can take his little cars and do donuts.  LOL!  Boys!  The other green piece below it has grass on it and he wants that to be just a big grassy field.  My favorite block is the little church.  :)
I'm hoping that I can get it all sewn together and add the borders on it this weekend.  Then I may try to quilt it next week. Oh and I forgot, I have one more house block to make for it.  :)

We finally got all of Andrew's college paperwork straightened out.  I was stressed and he was stressed, it was just a big mess.  Now all is well.  Thank you Lord!  


Regina said...

What a fun quilt!! And so great that you are making it together!!

Rhonda said...

So happy everything worked out and there's no more stress!! Yea on the design wall. Enjoy!!

Janet O. said...

Very fun quilt you and Hunter are making. Oh, what a joy to have a design wall!