Monday, January 14, 2013

Stash Building

 Oh joy!  What makes a quilter happy???  FABRIC!  If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I have been sewing from my stash for a few years now.  I'm just thankful that I had a stash to quilt from, but after a few years it is really lacking.  It seems like when I find a quilt that I want to make, I don't have the fabric for it or maybe not the right colors.  This gets me depressed and then I just don't want to quilt.  Sooooo....the other day I received a gift certificate for Whittle's fabric.  Oh, I just love Whittle's!  Anyway, I am so thankful for the gift certificate, you just don't know how excited that I was.  Of course, I didn't waste any time ordering fabric!  LOL!  

It arrived today!  
I mostly just did some stash building.  Here are 50 fat quarters!  10 green, 10 blue, 10 brown, and 20 background colors.  
These are half yard cuts.  I love the brown in the middle and the green on the end.  I wouldn't mind to have some yardage of those.  
 Also you can see in one of the above photos that there is some yardage.  I've been wanting to finish my Dresden Plate quilt for a long time but just didn't have the fabric to do it.  I had a picture in my mind of exactly how I wanted it to look before I even started it. I wanted my plates to be scrappy but darker, warmer tones.  I also wanted the background to be a warm beige with dark brown sashing strips and borders.  That is exactly what I got for it!  :)
Here is a better photo of the brown for the sashing and borders.  I can't wait to get started on it!!!  
I want to cut into that fabric tonight but it will have to wait a few days.  I mentioned months ago that I needed to finish painting my sewing room.  I've had the paint since we moved in last January and part of my sewing room is painted.  The other 2 walls just have primer on them.  I had taken my temporary design wall down, since it was just a big piece of warm & natural batting, I used it on a quilt.  LOL!  So my plan is to get the last two walls painted tomorrow, but Richard will have to help me because at one point the wall is 12ft tall.  We had some left over foam insulation board from building the house that I had been saving to make my permanent design wall with.  Richard brought those in the house for me today.  So it will take me a few days to get everything done and put back together and then I can sew!  :)  

On to other things....Today was Andrew's first day back for the Spring semester.  I was so proud of him this morning.  His first class this morning was his Physics class.  He called me as soon as he got out and said that he thought he was going to love that class.  He was soooooo excited!  I just hope that excitement holds up through the semester.  Then he went on to his Bio Chemistry class, he said he thinks he will like it too.  I don't remember his other classes right off but he has classes 5 days a week, so he will have to cut back on his hours a work a little bit.  

Here is a photo of Hunter this evening.  He loves to join me up in my sewing room to do his homework.  He sat at my cutting table as I folded and petted my new fabrics.  LOL!  Do you see how red his ear is?  He always does that when he is starting to get sick.  I hope that I am wrong and he isn't getting sick but when he came home from school he had a really bad headache.  I gave him so meds but he says that it is still hurting some.  Oh, I just love both of my boys and I thank God everyday for letting me be their mother.  
 Before I go, I wanted to show you my latest Jim Shore!  This was a gift from a dear friend that knows how much that I like Jim Shore and the religious themed ones.  I love it!  I will always cherish it and I can't wait to display it next year for the holidays....
 I'm off, I have a few things to do tonight so that I can paint tomorrow.  I'm almost ashamed that I've had the paint this long and those 2 walls still are not painted.  Oh well....


Texan said...

Lovely fabrics!!

I have not finished my Dresden Plate yet either. I only lack a couple blocks having them all applique on. Then I can assemble the top! I am undecided as to what I want to do sashing wise.

Gayle said...

Yummy fabrics - I'm green with envy - sigh! Your Dresden Plate block look great. I combined that with some log cabins a few years ago for a fun setting.

Janet O. said...

Oh, that pile of fabrics has my mouth watering! What fun.
Your Dresden Plates quilt is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I am loving those colors!
The Jim Shore nativity is very nice. What a great gift.
Good to hear from you. Glad the boys are doing well in school. How is your Mom doing?

Deb said...

Lovely fabrics. The colors are wonderful. I'll have to check out that store.... one I have not heard of.

Me and My Stitches said...

Whittle's is great and it looks like you found some treasures! I love your Dresden plate - it is really going to be nice with the tan background. Happy painting - you will be so glad to have that done!

Michelle said...

Wow...great fabrics to add to your stash! What a treat! Love the nativity too! :)

Yvette said...

What great fabric!!! Congratulations!!!!

Rhonda said...

Okay, I stopped at all that luscious fabric. What a wonderful purchase!!!!!

Regina said... fabric! Yummy! (and don't fret about the painting -we have as many unfinished paint and renovation projects as I have quilt UFO's - if that tells you anything!)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that you got the GC and ordered all the new fabric!! Great job on using the GC well! Did you find out who sent it? And hooray that Andrew is liking his classes! THat is half the battle. Love the manger scene. I hope HUnter did get sick. :)