Friday, August 28, 2015

Strip sets...

 So far I have 7 of the 20 big strip sets needed for my Trail Mix quilt.  I have all of the strips cut, just need to get them sewn together.  I also have a postage stamp block on the wall.  I have one or two more of those somewhere.  It is pieced from 1.5" blocks....64 squares in the block. 
 I snapped some photos of Mammy yesterday as I realized that I had not posted any of her for a while.  She is crazy!  Love her but her energy is just too much sometimes.  :)
 She is 112 pounds of craziness!  That's what she weighed last time at the vet, I think she actually weighs more now. 
 A photo of my girl!  Does she look rotten or what?  LOL!  Love her.
 I'm still canning and baking...Richard insisted that I make him some cookies before he went to bed.  LOL!  He's such a baby.
 I canned another case of Cowboy Candy.  This case is for my brother.  He loves this stuff. 
 I also put some corn and jalapenos in the freezer.  

Richard works all weekend and Hunter has a friend coming over.  Hunter has decided that he wants to play basketball at school.  I'm worried about his feet.  He has so many issues with them.  I called his doctor and he said to let him try it and if he has problems then let him stop.  I don't know...I worry but I also understand that he is a kid and wants to play.   He has practice once a week for a hour.  I'll see how that turns out. 


Michelle said...

Can't wait to see your trail mix quilt come together!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looking forward to seeing your trailmix quilt. that is one big dog! I bet you will be glad when canning season is done.

Janet O. said...

Trail Mix will be gorgeous. You are clipping right along on it.
Oh, wow. Mammy is a big girl!
That little girl in ALL pink looks so sweet. : )
Your canning continues to amaze, girl!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

You are one canning machine. Our Golden Retriever weighed about 85 lbs. and I thought she was a big dog ... your Mammy is one huge dog. I love your work so far on your Trail Mix ... love those fabrics and cannot wait to see them become blocks.