Monday, August 24, 2015

Will I ever quilt again?

 Will I ever quilt again?  Shew, I don't know.  Right now it doesn't seem like it.  All I have been doing lately is work on my canning.  I love canning but I do get tired sometimes.  Yesterday after Church I canned 7 quarts green beans, 7 quarts chicken broth/stock, and 8 pints of spicy chicken veggie soup.  I also put up some corn and jalapenos in the freezer. 
 I have about 7 more quarts of green beans to can today and that should pretty much take care of my beans.  I think I will end up with somewhere around 70 quarts of them.  This spicy chicken veggie soup is mostly for Andrew as he is pretty much the only one that eats it.  The broth/stock, it will be used in many recipes.

My precious little niece learn to sit on her own!  She is doing so well.  She is 4 months old and very active.  I love her as she is my own.  Love her smile so much and she has such a wonderful little personality. 
 Richard is working today so I will try to get my kitchen cleaned and back in order.  I also need to can the rest of the beans.  My tomatoes are starting to ripen now. 

I am getting ready to start a new quilt.  I'll post about it next time.  I am very excited about this new one!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Sometimes life interrupts and keeps us from doing what we'd really rather do. ;-) Hopefully you'll get back to quilting soon ... I can't wait to see what you're going to work on next.

Janet O. said...

Sure you will--and you will also eat because of all the work you are putting it. I admire your work in preserving the bounties the Lord has given you!
Cute little gal. What a blessing that you are close by!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

at least you do know the garden will be at an end soon and then the canning will be done too. lovely that you put up so much food for your family and you know you are not eating processed junk with who knows what in preservatives

Becky said...

Kristie, I hear ya! We started packing up to move in February, moved in June, started reno in July and it still continues!! I haven't done a THING quilty since January! I am not sure if I even remember how to quilt! BUT, we are going on vacation a couple of weeks in September and I am pulling my hexies out and a quilt I am going to tie-quilt and that will be my vacation relaxation!! Hang in there! Quilting will win out eventually!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Canning is hard work! You will so enjoy your labor this winter as you sit and quilt with delicious healthy food cooking on your stove

Gayle said...

I pulled up my green beans this morning, so I'm done with them - yay! Corn & pumpkins are the only things left - we eat the corn fresh so it's not too much work. You'll be glad for all your efforts come January, right?