Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A shot of my design wall...

 I just wanted to show you a quick shot of my design wall.  I haven't worked on it in a while but this is the last thing that I had been working on before my quilting break. 

Right now they are just sewn together in sets of 4 and placed on the wall.  I'm sure I will move them around and I also have the other half of the quilt to piece.  :)  If I remember correctly, I don't even have them all cut out yet. 
Shamefully, this is the state of my sewing room.  :(  A big horrible mess!  I really need to find a cool day and get up there and get it back in order.  It is so hot up there that I can't really stand to work up there too long.  I have several sewing machines downstairs so I can piece on one of those.  If you remember I had to do this same thing last summer.
 We had our yard sale yesterday and it was a success!  It was a long day but worth it.  Not only did I get rid of a bunch of stuff, I also made a little extra cash.  Oh and I got a sunburn!  My sister and I set up in town and ready to sell at 8am.  A friend from Church came a little later and set up with us.  We stayed until about 3pm and started packing it up.  I'm just glad that it went well.

Did I mention that I have been busy working on my sister's wedding stuff?  I am doing ALL of her flowers and decorations.  I will post some photos of what I have done in a day or two.  So far the only thing that I have done are all of the wedding serving utensils for the reception.  They are all decorated with rhinestone stuff.  Her bouquet is FINISHED!  Sheeewww...that baby had me nervous.  I kept praying that she would like it and she loved it.  :)  She kept describing it to me and a while back mom, Chantal and I went and picked out what we would need for it.  I also have 100 birdseed bags finished and decorated. Working on several other things.  I've really got to get my butt in gear and get her stuff finished, there are only a million things left on the list.  LOL! 


Missy Shay said...

Could you put a window a/c unit in your sewing room? The window looks like it might be too wide though. I like your tumblers, good luck on getting all of your sister's wedding stuff done!

Janet O. said...

Nice looking tumbler quilt, Kristie.
We just got AC a few years ago, and until then I could not be in the loft of our home for more than a few minutes on a warm summer day.
Your sister is lucky to have you helping her. Sounds like you are a one woman bridal service!

Yvette said...

Your tumbler quilt is great. I want to do one of those soon.

What a nice sister you are! I am sure the wedding is going to be beautiful.