Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Star Gazing

 This morning I went upstairs before it got too hot.  I took my tumbler blocks off the design wall.  I brought them downstairs and I figure I will work on those a little at a time. 

I put up my Star Gazing blocks on the design wall.  The true colors really don't show well in these photos for some reason but I like them.  If I remember correctly I was hoping to make 30 blocks so that I can do a 5x6 setting.  I have several more blocks made than are showing on the wall here.
Here are a few more of the blocks that I just didn't take the time to put on the wall.  These blocks are big blocks!  So easy to assemble, I really enjoyed piecing them.
A few more of them that need pressed.  I didn't count them this morning but I'm pretty sure that I'm close to my 30 blocks. 
Here is a photo of the pattern front.  If you look close, you can see that there are narrow strips that are sewn between each block.  I like that, it makes them look like they are floating and not all hooked together.
I may run back up there and count them and get them all sorted so that I can see what all needs done on that quilt.  I guess I really should wait until I get the house cleaned before I start sewing...right?  Hunter has had a friend over for the past 2 nights and the house really doesn't look too hot.  LOL!

Here are a couple more odd and end photos to wrap up this post.  I posted these first two on facebook last week so some of you may have already seen them. 

I found myself at Hobby Lobby the other day because Hunter wanted to stop and look at some art supplies.  I found a vase/bowl/urn thing that I really liked.  The original price was $40 but it was on sale for $20.  They had 2 of them left and both had chips on them.  The one that I got had a small chip on the top, I took a black sharpie and now you can't even see it.  I asked if they would come down on the price because of the chip and they said, yes.  So in the end, I got it for $7.  The flowers are just odd and ends from this and that.  Some of them are just odd leaves wired on a stem, but in the end it all worked. 

So here is the arrangement that I made for my entry table, which is actually a treadle cabinet.  Just so that you can tell how big that arrangement is, that horse photo above it measures 33 x 45.  I was pleased with how it looked but more pleased with the price! 
Then I decided I wanted to see how it would look on my dining table.  I've been wanting a big centerpiece for the table, but this was just a little too big.  There is no way that you could see the person across from you.  So when I decide to make an arrangement for the table I will make it a lot shorter. Just to give you some size on this photo, that picture above the table measures 27 x 43. 
Last but not is a photo that was taken this Spring at Church.  This is right beside the Church and I thought it was so pretty. 
Our new Church is almost finished.  I'll post photos of that and the story behind it real soon. 


Katie M. said...

Love that Stargazer block - think I may have to get that pattern! As for boys during summer break.... I remember it well. Enjoy them while you can, as you know - they grow up way too fast!

Janet O. said...

Love the Stargazer block. I have never seen a star constructed that way. It is very pretty! And you are almost finished making them? Great!
You really got lucky with that urn. Love Hobby Lobby's clearance stuff (just got a pretty little plant stand to hold a basket in my sewing room and only paid $6 there). And your arrangement is beautiful!

Michelle said...

Love all your photos. I'm going to have to look up that Star Gazing pattern. I really like that one!

julieQ said...

First of all, I love your Stargazer blocks, they are so pretty! Second...I love that trinity of crosses on the very pretty.