Thursday, July 4, 2013

Counting blocks...

 Thanks for all of the nice comments and emails about me Star Gazing quilt.  This really makes me want to work on this one instead of my tumblers. 

After thinking about it all day, I brought it downstairs and sorted through everything to see what I needed to do on it.  As I mentioned I wanted to have 30 blocks but with the blocks being 15 inches and having small strips between each block and then add a border to it and that would make it huge, maybe too huge.  So if I go with 25 blocks that would make it square and I'm not always crazy about square quilts, so I have 25 cut out, I'll piece all of those and then see how I like it.  I can always piece 5 more, if needed...right?

As of right now, I have 14 completely pieced...
 I have 6 pieced to this point.  If you look close you can see the 3 sections just need to be sewn together. can see part of my fresh eggs that Hunter had just brought in, I love my chickens!  :)
I have 5 blocks pieced to this point.  I have the corner squares cut, but I just didn't add them in the photo. 
So what I have here will be a total of 25 blocks.  I also have all of the little strips cut that go between the blocks.  Those strips are what I dread sewing on. 

Anyone have any 4th of July plans?  Nothing major here, Richard is at the Church today trying to get a few things finished up and  Andrew has to work from 4-midnight.  I think we may take Hunter in to town tonight to watch the fireworks at 10pm.  Other than that...nothing.

My mom comes back home from work next Thursday.  It will probably be fairly late when she gets home.  She is on the Mississippi River and depending exactly on where she is at the time determines if she will fly in or drive.  I think this time has been particularly hard on her, since she lost her mother.  I think she was home for a week for the funeral and such and then made the decision to go back to work.  Mom does always have cell signal while out on the river, just depending on where she is, but my sister, brother, and I always try to call her several times a day, to keep in touch and to let her know that we are always thinking about her.  I'm sure she gets very lonely out there. 


Michelle said...

I can't wait to do this quilt!

We will probably go for a motorcycle ride today if the weather is nice. Enjoy your day!

sara said...

Beautiful your stars!!!

Yvette said...

Your blocks look great.

I don't blame your mom for going back to work. It helps keep your mind off things.

Our Guilds said...

You always have such interesting quilts in the works. I have never seen the Star Gazing block before and I really like it. What better block to work on for the 4th of July.

Janet O. said...

You have got this one in the home stretch, Kristie! Love it!
I hope going back to work so soon was a good thing for your Mom. Yes, it will keep her busy, but takes her away from her family, too. Keeping you all in my prayers.
We went to a pancake breakfast at a friend's church this morning. Tonight it is a B-B-Q with our daughter's family.
BTW, it has been really hot here and we had a battery in a smoke detector in our loft explode a couple of nights ago. I thought of you. DH had never heard of such a thing--I told him I had! : )

Deb A said...

Beautiful Kristie! You could always do 20 blocks in a 4x5 setting for one and then make the other 5 into a lap or baby quilt with some alternating or plain blocks for a 3x3.
Your color choices are always so pretty.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Since you don't like doing the strips and the quilt is getting so big, why not skip them or the borders and do the stars 5x6. Just a thought. I hate to do borders so that's where I drag my feet.