Friday, June 30, 2017

Busy Times and Happy Birthday to my BABY!

 Soooo....I did not get the last two quilts finished that I wanted to do before I left for vacation!  That's okay, I'm not got to sweat it.  I had one loaded on the longarm and as soon as I started on it, my machine started breaking top thread.  Not sure why and I did try to figure it out but then time got away and I realized that it just wasn't going to happen so I stopped and moved on to something my house.  LOL!  

I have some EPP packed and ready to take on the trip as it will be about a 12 hour or so drive by the time we have to stop several times with the kids.  As I mentioned before there are 14 of us going.  I also decided to take this quilt along and sew the binding on. 
 It's hard to tell much about the quilt in this pic but it is called, Indian Star.  I quilted it sometime LAST year and never did the binding on it.  I looked back through my blog to see when I pieced it but didn't find it right off, but I know it has been YEARS.  LOL!  

We usually take a small quilt on trips because Hunter always wants to sleep and have something to cover up with.  I also wanted to take a smallish quilt to use on the beach as they all want to lay on something and the beach towels just are not big enough.  Last year when we went to VA Beach I took a small quilt too.  This is a quilt that I plan on "using" so I don't care to use it on the beach.  LOL!  So I figure I will do the hand work while Hunter is not using it to sleep with.  :)  

Richard has picked over 8 quarts of raspberries so far and I made a cobbler a few days ago.  They loved it!  I didn't eat any as I am a diabetic but it sure smelled good. 
 I also had a bunch of zucchini that I needed to do something with before we left.  I shredded it up and put 2 cups in each freezer bag.  That will be enough to make 8 of these Chocolate Zucchini Breads.  Richard's grandmother used to make this for him and she gave me the recipe a few years before she passed away. It is good and to me it tastes a lot like German Chocolate Cake. 
 Today is Hunter's 15th birthday!  Where does time go?  Shew...I miss my boys being little.  I took this pic of Andrew and Hunter a few months ago at mom's.  They are such close brothers even though there is a 9 yr age difference.  My boys are my world! 
 Richard has to work today and will not be home until 8pm so we will just have a small celebration as we will be leaving on vacation around 2:30am so just a few hours after Richard gets home.  I told Hunter that sometime after we get back that he could have a few friends over.  

Speaking of friends...last night one of Hunter's best friends had an ATV accident and had to be flown out to the hospital.  I sat up until after midnight waiting to hear something as Hunter was very upset and Richard and I also grew up with his dad.  They flew him to a hospital over an hour away.  We finally heard that he had several broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a fractured neck.  That is all that we heard last night but they were still running tests so I will check again this morning.  Shew....things can change in a blink of an eye.  

So we will be leaving very late tonight and I have a million things to finish up today.  As I mentioned before my MIL is house sitting for us and I need to do a quick once over on my house before she comes late this afternoon.  We also have a good friend/neighbor that is going to come up and feed all of the animals as my MIL is not able to feed the horses, chickens and such.  I also have a few errands to take care of then come home and bake a birthday cake for Hunter.  

I will probably overload my blog with vacation pics!  LOL!  I'm also on Instagram if you want to pop on over there and follow me.  I'm on there under "The Quilted Mule"  :)  

That's all for now....gotta get my long day started!  Please keep us all in your prayers as we travel.


Janet O. said...

What a busy, full life you lead!
I hope you can pack everything into your day that needs to get accomplished. Happy birthday to Hunter.
Prayers for his friend's recovery, and for your family as you travel.

Carline said...

I hope you have the best vacation ever.
I would love to have that chocolate zucchini recipe if you can share it when you get back. It looks wonderful.
Thanks for sharing your quilty world.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

busy, busy you will enjoy your vacation. Can you not make your cobbler with a sugar substitute so you can enjoy a small portion? I'm not sure what the rules are but I have heard Truvia is a good one for substituting cup for cup.
Hope your long arm will magically start to work again when you get home.

---"Love" said...

Stay safe, and have a blast on your vacation! You've earned it! ---"Love"