Monday, June 5, 2017

Quilting Delay...

 Oh what a day! plan was to get half of this hexie quilt quilted yesterday and that didn't happen.  I mentioned before that I am on a very tight schedule this month so I really didn't need this delay.  :(
 After getting it loaded on the longarm all I was getting was thread breaks.  I quilted a pass of about 18" and broke thread 8 times during that.  I was just sick!  Long story short, I am quilting it with Warm & White batting and I had the wrong side of the batting up!  Yep!  Picked it out, flipped it over and sewed perfectly!!!  No breaks at all.  So basically all that I got done was I quilted ONE pass with the longarm and then it was time to fix supper and such.  
So now I'm behind a day and this is only the 6th of the month.  LOL!

Here is a better pic of my new EPP project, the coffins.  I will decide on a different name for this quilt because it sounds dreadful.  I think I'm going to really enjoy working on this one.  I have a few sewn in pairs, a few hundred prepped and more ready to prep. 
 Today will be spent at the longarm, or at least that is my plan.  This is a really big quilt so I am just hoping to get half of it quilted.  Richard is off today so I'm hoping that he doesn't have other plans for me.  LOL!  I need to quilt!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I didn't know there was a right/wrong side in batting- but then I have never used Warm and White. For the kinds I use I have never had a problem and didn't know there was a right side to them

Janet O. said...

I haven't had thread break from having the batting wrong side up, but I have had it beard through every hole the needle makes. I try to be very aware of the sides now when putting the sandwich together, but every now and then one slips by me. : )
Hope you get to quilt today!

---"Love" said...

Thanks for the warning! I try to get the right side up, but I'll be more careful now for sure. Hope your day goes well. ---"Love"