Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lots of quilting

 I bought this cute little fox pattern a few days ago as I need it for a customer quilt.  This is the pattern that she picked out for her soon to be born grandson. Mine will be done in oranges.  :)  Looking at the pattern directions it should go pretty fast.  I will be getting started on that in a few days.
 After dealing with some minor health issues for a couple of weeks, I finally got a customer quilt loaded on the frame.  It's so bright and fun!  She also hand pieced it.  I got it loaded on the frame, the bobbins wound, and the panto lined up last night so I will be ready to get started quilting early this morning.  Not sure if I will get it completely quilted today or not but I will do what I can.
 Over the weekend I picked up this Cinderella fabric at Walmart for $2.50 a yard.  I matched it with the blue for the borders.  When I get a chance I plan on making another little quilt for my niece.  I'll just use the Cinderella fabric in the center and sew the blue borders on. 
 Tuesday and Wednesday I had doctor appointments.  My blood work should be back today.  I'm starting to wonder how many times that I need to have that done.  LOL!  I also have an appointment with the Cardiologist coming up soon.  

I have also been prepping more hexagons to take on vacation with me in July.  I'll post pics of those soon. 

Richard is off today and planning on catching up on some stuff around the farm.  Andrew is working as usual.  Hunter is also working.  :)  He has tons of summer jobs lined up from cutting grass to digging ditches.  Good jobs for a 14 yr old.


julieQ said...

That is such a fun pattern, and I admire every Fancy Fox quilt I see! Hope you are doing well...hugs to you!

Janet O. said...

Fancy Fox is fun to make.
Was that colorful quilt made from actual bandanas, or just bandana style fabrics? It is very happy looking.
Hope you get some good direction from the cardiologist.

ruthsplace said...

That's going to be a fun quilt. Hope all the bloodwork comes back OK.