Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fancy Fox Blocks...finished

Yesterday I worked on my Fancy Fox blocks.  The pattern calls for 20 blocks for a baby quilt.  I cut out 25 but I may just stop at 20 because I think once I add a border it will be big enough.  I'll wait and make the finial decision once I get the rows sewn together. 
I wouldn't take that long to finish up the other 5 blocks if I need to.  This has been a fun little quilt to make.  The blocks go really fast.  

Other than that, I cleaned house, laundry, and cooked.  LOL!  Nothing really out of the ordinary.  I'm battling with some allergy issues I guess.  I have a terrible dry cough and I have almost lost my voice.  Not at all what I need right now.   I'm just trying to get my bp and blood sugar straightened up and then we are going on vacation in little over a week.  

Andrew has been in Louisville for the past several days for some work related stuff.  Richard works today but is off for a 3 day weekend!  Hunter and I have a lot of errands and shopping to do today...groceries, feed, stuff for the beach, and Hunter wants to run to Hobby Town to get a new battery and tires for his R/C.  He plans on taking it to the beach too.  It is one of those high powered R/C's that you build yourself.  I forgot how fast it goes but it flies.

Anyway...not sure that I will get any quilting done today but I need to get the Fancy Fox quilt finished soon and also load another customer quilt on the frame before vacation.  It is a really pretty one.  


Janet O. said...

Very cute foxes. I know they go quickly, but you really whipped them out!

---"Love" said...

Your foxes are so cute! That seems to be a very popular pattern right now. Hope you got all your errands done so you can quilt. ---"Love"