Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Little Machine Quilting

Today was the first day of deer season (rifle) We decided it best for Andrew not to go because of his shoulder. Didn't want the kick from the gun to make his shoulder worse. So it was just Richard and Hunter. Here is Hunny Bun at 5am this morning! All big eyed and ready to go!!! They are still gone so I guess they haven't gotten a deer yet!
Here is a photo that I took this morning out my front door. This was around 6am, so pretty isn't it?
Andrew is gone. Last night he went to the last high school football game of the season. They have won every one of the games this season!!! Today he went to a Marshall University football game in WV. Should be back home very late tonight.
I loaded a customer quilt on the frame and quilted two passes on it and will work on it again tomorrow. I probably will not show more of this quilt until it is sent back to it's owner, she has a blog and I'm sure she would want to post it. Anyway, the quilt is really beautiful!! It was made by her great grandmother. It is all black and white stars appliqued down on the blocks. Very pretty. I love old quilts like this. I always wonder about the fabrics, the people making them and I also wonder what was going on in their lives while they were sewing it.

I plan on working on some bindings tonight while watching a movie. I bought the dvd, "Comanche Moon". It is the prequel to "Lonesome Dove" and I just love that movie. Richard teases me because we have watched it a million times and I cry every time that Gus dies! :)


Michelle said...

That quilt is beautiful, and your quilting is amazing.

That Hunter sure is a handsome boy. Hope they get a deer, but I bet they sleep good tonight!

Take care, enjoy the movie, and be blessed!

Libby said...

What a pretty sunrise!! And Hunter is sooo cute! Kristie, I love to watch "Lonesome Dove" I love the book too! I hate it when Gus dies.That character is so good! In the book, I can barely stand to read when Joe, Janie and Roscoe are killed. It's scary to me! Great book and movie!

Texan said...

Pretty Sunrise!!

The quilting looks very good on your customers quilt! I hope I can get to where I can do that well with my Bailey!! I like the design your doing on that quilt :O)...

Amelia said...

Quilt is so pretty.

I bet Hunter was excited about going hunting with his Dad.

Enjoy today...sing praises to the Lord while at church.

Guðrún said...

I love the sunrise picture, very beautiful.

QuiltedSimple said...

OMG Kristie - it is lovely. Feel free to show the whole quilt - I am dying to see it completed. It's only taken 60 years to get it finished!

Vesuviusmama said...

I love Lonesome Dove, too, but so many people that I mention it to have never heard of it. I've never heard of Comanche Moon - I'll have to check that out!