Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lot's Of Sewing!

It has been a busy day here. First off, Richard is feeling better, not sure what it was but he went to work today anyway. At least he looks a lot better.

This morning after getting Richard off to work and the boys off to school, I did my morning feeding and cleaned the house. Then I started sewing....I did 3 more Turkey Track blocks, that makes me a total of 6 of them finished. I'm loving these blocks.

I also pinned this top on the frame and quilted three passes on it. I think I will try to finish it tomorrow if I can. This one if for my 1yr old nephew for Christmas. Just trying to get them all finished so I'm not rushed. I have some customer quilts coming up so I need to get these out of the way. It is hard to tell much about the quilting in the photo but I am using a panto called "cotton" I will show a photo of the design when I get the quilt finished.
Oh and I started sewing the sashing strips on my Stacked Coin quilt too! I didn't take a photo of it yet, but hopefully I will have that top finished tonight or tomorrow!!! I like how it is looking, it reminds me of Spring!!! :)

Hopefully I will get more sewing done tonight. I will be up really late! Andrew had a school field trip today to Louisville Ky. They left the school at 8:30am and should be back around 2AM!!! Yep! 2AM!! I will pick him up then. And he has school tomorrow, he will be sooooo tired! But they sent a note home stating that they had to go to school tomorrow or they would not be allowed to go on anymore field trips! :)



Amelia said...

Still loving that Turkey Track pattern.

Glad to hear that Richard is better...poor Andrew will be so tired at school on Friday.

Libby said...

2 am!!! WOW! and he still has to go to school! I think that after the teachers have to teach these poor kids that have been up all night, they might change their minds next time!
I really like your turkey tracks blocks. What size is the block? It looks like a nice size block!
I can't wait to see Donkey on his quilt! Glad Richard is better!

Casandra said...

Oh, I love the red fabric. Your turkey tracks are turning out nicely.

KyQuiltlady said...

I'm glad Richard is feeling better. I hope you feel alright tomorrow after being up so late tonight. Also hope Andrew has a good trip to Louisville. The Turkey Tracks are so pretty! You must really be fast to get three done at a time.

GingerQuilter said...

I'm really liking your Turkey Tracks blocks. I have seen other patterns called Turkey Tracks but yours is much prettier. Where can I find your pattern?

Anonymous said...

I am loving those blocks too! I would like to know where AI can find the pattern too. (Although my next quilt will be Bonnies new mystery quilt!) Tell Andrew to have fun!! I imagine he will do OK the next day at school, kids seem to have way more energy than adults!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Love that turkey track block and can't wait to see the finished quilt.
Hopefully things are settling down for you and the family now. You must all be due for some good news, and you lots of rest. xxx

Texan said...

I am realllly liking those Turkey Track blocks!!

Glad your honey is feeling better!

wow 2 a.m.? and back to school the same morning? mercy me thats rough!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Your blocks are just so great! I love them! Cannot wait to see them put together, and quilted :o)
Have a great weekend :o)

Guðrún said...

The blocks are beautiful.