Monday, November 16, 2009

Stacked Coins

First off, thanks so much for the emails about my machine quilting.

Now here it is 5:20am and I have been up since 3am. Got hubby up for work and it is just hard for me to fall back to sleep after I am up for a bit. So after being on the internet for a while and looking at Michelle's Stacked Coins quilt that she made for her sweet hubby, I decided to finish mine up too. This is the second one that I have made and just love how quick and easy that they go together. I started this one after Michelle made her other Stacked Coins quilt. I've had most of it done for a few weeks, just needed to finish sewing on the background strips. In the photo below, it is still in two pieces, but now it is finished and has the borders on the top and bottom.
I think it looks like "Spring" I bought these fabric samples at the thrift store of $2. I cut them up and made this quilt. I kept saving them until I found the right project for them, but after seeing Michelle's quilt, I knew that was what I wanted to use them for.
So now this top will go in the pile of the others that I need to quilt. This should take me back up to 57 quilt tops to be quilted! I know I'm going the wrong way, my stack should be getting smaller! :)
I was talking to mom last night and we were trying to figure out what we were going to fix for Thanksgiving. Mom will be home for Thanksgiving but will be working Christmas! :( We will have Christmas with her in January after she gets back home. Anyway, we will be sharing the cooking for Thanksgiving, well my sister will be cooking too. Chantal lives with mom so they will be doing theirs together.
Also we are having a Thanksgiving Dinner after Church on Sunday. We were trying to decide on what to take for that. The church is supplying the meats and everyone else is pitching in for the rest of it. As of right now, I plan on making a Mississippi Mud Cake and a Huckleberry Cobbler! Richard loves Mississippi Mud cake so I may have to make 2 of those! :) And some good friends of ours gave us 9 GALLONS of Huckleberries!!! I have them in the freezer right now, thought I would thaw some out to make some jelly too. Use the rest of them for pies and cobblers.


Michelle said...

So pretty Kristie! These quilts are quick and easy. I think they would be really pretty in Christmas colors too!

Carla said...

I had never noticed Stacked Coins quilts up until a few months ago and now they're all over the place on the Internet. I've been inspired by you and Michelle and have the fabric ready to cut for my own. You're right, it looks like spring and is so simple and crisp!

Libby said...

You have some really pretty fabrics in your Coin quilt! I love that pattern, a great way to use some scraps!!Your quilt does look like spring! I can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Amelia said...

Such a wonderful use for those springy patterns and colors.

I have never eaten hucklesberries...what are they similar to in taste.

Have a great Monday...take a nap this afternoon.

KyQuiltlady said...

I am just getting started and you have been working for hours. I love mornings. Michele has inspried a lot of us with the Stacked Coins. Love your colors. I use to make Mississippi Mud cakes but haven't for years. They are good! Haven't seen Huckleberries for years.

Texan said...

The colors in your stacked coins do look like spring!!! So pretty!

I have quite a few blackberries I froze as well that need to be turned into Jelly... I am working up the nerve to try making it!