Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another One Off My List!

As most of you know Mom will be home tomorrow, after being gone for a month. I will be picking her up around 8am in the morning. Since she was gone on Christmas we will be celebrating Christmas with her on Saturday. I spent the evening making her a last minute gift. This is just a little extra something since she cooks for a living I thought a new apron would come in handy. You can't tell that much about it in the photo and I couldn't get Andrew to model it for me (14yr old boys don't seem to think Aprons are cool) anyway, it is a lot nicer than it looks in the photo. The fabric is a thick cotton canvas type. And it is "paisley" that is both our favorites. We love anything with paisley in it. It comes right above the knee and I added a pocket on the right so that she can put her cell phone in it. Seems everytime I call her she is looking for her phone.

Saturday is my brother's birthday. He will be 40! Since we will all be at mom's I hate not to give him an extra gift for his birthday. But I had planned on giving him and his wife a bed-size quilt for Christmas, would it be wrong to make that a gift for his birthday and Christmas since I am giving it to both of them??

Oh and the apron is one more thing off of my January To Do List!! It is getting shorter!!! Now, if I'm not mistaken I think all I have left on there for January is a "Sock Monkey" for Hunter and to finish my "Village Sampler" into a top. I don't know why I am so excited, that Sampler will take me the rest of the month!! :( And to think I only need 3 more blocks....


Jen said...

unbelievable! It was my idea and I'm the only one who hasn't crossed a darn thing off her list yet. SIGH. I have got to get my arse in gear. Cute apron, she'll love it!!

Anonymous said...

Love the apron. She will love it!
Give your mom a big hug today!
Deb (vtquilter)

Amelia said...

Love the apron too...I bet your Mom will be happy with it too!

Enjoy your next few days with family.

I can't respond as to whether to include your brother's birthday when you give them the quilt. You know your brother - what is reactions would be.


Angie said...

Love that apron, Kristie! One of these days, I would love to make one of those. (Although I'm really challenged when it comes to 'reading' patterns :/ LOL) Have I told you how much I love your horses....and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one for my very own? Not likely to happen, but I do dream and drool over everyone else's. :>)

Moneik said...

Oh I love the apron and I'm sure your mom will to! Have a great time celebrating tomorrow.

Norma said...

There is so much thought in your gift.........Mom is a lucky lady!

Oh, give him the quilt, if they are to share it anyway, it makes no difference! (and who would not be thrilled with a quilt no matter what the circumstance).