Sunday, January 20, 2008

Featured Quilt Of The Week ~ 3

Here is another quilt that I made a few years ago. I decided to redo my bedroom so I started out with the quilt. The pattern is actually a Quilt Of The Month pattern from Wal-mart. I also bought the fabric there too. It is called "Sunny Days" I also made the pillows and curtains to go with it. I made the quilt and fell in love with it, so I decided to use it in my bedroom. That is how it all started.

I like to have killed myself. I got this big idea that I was going to completely change my bedroom in ONE weekend. So here is how it went. I got the quilt back from the longarmer and loved it. Yellow was not one of my favorite colors at the time so I was shocked that I was thinking of painting the walls. I had the bed in storage, the bed and antique dresser on the left was my great grandmothers. So I had Richard help me bring them in. Made the pillows and curtains, but I bought the dust ruffle, painted the walls, hung up the plates that I had been collecting and I finished. I had to actually paint the walls twice. The first shade of yellow that I had made it look like a big LEMON, so I painted over it. Now I love it! Oh and I actually have the original old metal springs on the bed. It is soooooo comfy!!!


Hazel said...

Love you room it looks so relaxing I know what you mean by painting with yellow ,we did a bedroom it was beautiful butter yellow , then decided to do the kitchen only it turned out a green yellow we just could never figured out why the kitchen was white to begin with .I hated it and it took me two months to talk hubby into repainting it .Your quilt and accessories are also very pretty

Amelia said...

Very nice!

My favorite deorating colors are yellow, blue and white.

I have enjoyed looking at your plate collection in other photos.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

That is a wonderful room! The quilt really "suits" that bed. I love antiques, too! My husband is least that's what I tell him. Good luck with the cat thing, you are one brave woman to face your fears head first! I'm proud of you for doing it.

Moneik said...

I love the quilt. It's so pretty and dresses up the room nicely. I used to have a big wire framed bed like that when I was a child.

Jen said...

It's sooo pretty. It reminds me of the fabrics in my Mom's sunshine quilt.

I had a yellow room growing up...ever year it got brighter!

Carol Van Rooy said...

I think yellow makes a room look so refreshing and inviting. You've done a wonderful job.

butrfly2200 said...

Great room. I don't think I could paint a room yellow but it does look nice. I remember having a yellow room when I was little. My mom was so proud of it. I liked it too. My husband really doesn't like yellow so I know we won't be painting anything yellow.
Nice quilt and accessories too.

Anonymous said...

I love the room and the quilt. I know about taking on a huge project. My bedroom still isn't finished. We tried getting all the walls painted before the furniture was delivered but we didn't make it. There is still a ring around the top of the walls that need to be touched up. I keep thinking we will buy crown molding and just cover it up, but that hasn't been budgeted in yet.