Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday's Sewing Progress

It has been very cold here today, which I'm sure it has been cold most places today. I've stayed in most of the day. I did go out and help Richard feed this morning. He wanted me to stay inside where it was warm, but I just didn't have the heart to send him outside by himself. We had a nice warm fire going in the fireplace all day, so inside it has been very cozy.

I really haven't accomplished alot today. I started to dig out more fabric for my "Steps To The Alter" quilt, but I was just too lazy to go in there and do it. I have my fabric stored in totes, due to lack of space and I just wasn't in the mood to have to move everything around. I did cut out a little more on my "Churn Dash" The fabrics don't really show up very well in the photo, but it is a taupe color. It is very muted, but I just fell in love with the fabrics. So right now I have a total of 8 blocks finished on it and still only 4 blocks for my STTA quilt.

I don't know how much sewing I will get done tomorrow. Hunter has a doctor's appointment in the morning. This is a follow-up visit for the problem that he was having last week, just to make sure the infection has cleared up. Then he will refer him to another doctor to fix the problem. That is the appointment that I dread! We still haven't got up the nerve yet to explain to him what has to be done, but we will do that before he has it done.


Jen said...

That Churn Dash is going to be absolutley without a doubt the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time! Those fabrics are just stunning!!

Ohhhh poor Hunter. =( Any doctors appointment for this is just awful.

Moneik said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful quilt that is turning out to be. I can't believe how wonderful it looks with just the two colors.