Friday, January 18, 2008

First Christmas Gift For 2008 Made!!!!

Well, I had planned on cutting my blocks out for my "Steps To The Alter" quilt today, but that just didn't happen. This morning after getting the kids off to school, I headed into town to do my weekly shopping. Picked up feed for the horses and pig, did the grocery shopping and then ran by Walmart to pick up household supplies. I also picked up a few of these fleece throws so that I could start of Christmas gifts for 2008! My plan is to make the ladies and children embroidered fleece throws. So here is the first one, it is for my SIL. I really like the rose design and I used it alot on the scarves that I made.

After my shopping I came home and unloaded the car. I started watching "Gone With The Wind" and the next thing I know I woke up 3 hours later when Richard was pulling in the driveway and the boys got home about 20 minutes later. So I rushed around trying to fix a quick supper. Andrew ended up going to one of his friends house for a birthday party. There was like twelve 14-15yr old boys there, can you imagine??? And I have to tell you what a good boy that I have. Andrew will be 15 next month and I know when you are around that many boys his same age you don't want your mom around. But a few minutes ago Andrew called. He said he just wanted to tell me "Good Night and that he loved me" I thought that was so sweet!!!!

Anyway after supper Richard, Hunter and I settled in to watch a few movies and I just never did get around to cutting out my blocks. There is always tomorrow night!!! Hopefully tomorrow after I pick up Andrew I can come home and clean the house and start cutting tomorrow evening! I still need to pull the fabrics for this quilt but that shouldn't take too long since I am just using scraps.


Amelia said...

You are definitely on the ball for getting ready for christmas. The throw looks great.

Enjoy the weekend!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Your embroidery is so pretty. And look at you getting a head start on Christmas for this year. I'm so glad that you're having so much fun with your new machine.

Maureen said...

Wow Kristie...I still have not taken down the Christmas tree and you are already sewing for next year! What a great person you are!!! I love the embroidery! That new sewing machine has opened many new sewing opportunities.

I just wanted to add it sounds like Andrew is a great teen and well Hunter is so cute in all his pictures and sounds like a wonderful little boy. You are such a great mom to them!

Cindy said...

Oh, you soooooo rock! I want so badly to get a quilted Christmas present done each month to take some of the Christmas rush off me, but January is quickly getting away from me :0)