Thursday, January 24, 2008

Donkey is home!

Donkey is home!!! As you can see Hunter is very happy! That is worth it all to me. Andrew would never admit it but I think he likes him too. He just walked around for a few hours trying to check everything out and now he is hiding. Who knows where he is, I'm sure he will come out when he gets hungry. And he probably needs to rest, since he was also neutered today!! I DID pet him before he ran off to hide, to be honest it did make me very nervous, but I just tried to breathe and I made it through it just fine.

I had a few of you to ask about Ida Belle, the puppy. Well, she has been outside for several weeks! She was driving me crazy in the house. She is soooooo hyper and this little house is not big enough for her. So now she is very happy outside with Fred, the Bassetthound.

I started the car this morning to let it warm up. I was going to make a trip to town for Dt Pepsi and a few other little things and pick up Donkey on the way home. Well as long as I have had this car this is the first time that I have ever locked the keys in it. So my car was sitting in the driveway with the motor running and all the doors locked. I called the locksmith he wanted $85 just to drive out here, not counting the cost for unlocking it. I called Richard and he said "Bust the window out!" Now how dumb is that??? That was the only set of keys that I have. My keys have a sensor on it and you have to have it copied at a dealership and it cost around $75, so I just never got around to having it copied. Andrew mentioned that my EX-SIL husband had a master set of keys to unlock cars. We called and he was out here within 30 minutes. It took him about 15 minutes to unlock it. He didn't want any money, but I did finally manage to get him to take $25. It's funny how I still get along real well with my ex-inlaws, just not my ex-husband. So by the time all of this was over I was just too nervous to go to town. I called Richard and he picked Donkey up from the Vet for me when he got off from work.

I didn't do alot of sewing today, the boys didn't have school today because we got 1/2 inch of snow! Yes, you read it right 1/2 inch and they canceled school. So we just sit around most of the day. I did manage to finish two more Christmas gifts. These are 2 more fleece throws for my niece and nephew. I think the Mickey and Donald are my favorite of the two.

Don't know if I will get any sewing done tonight, I am thinking of sitting down and reading for a while. I have a big fire going in the fireplace and it is very cozy here, so I think a good book would be perfect.



Maureen said...

You are the world's greatest Mom! You can see all the love Hunter has for you in his eyes! I can tell he loves that cat. Glad that Donkey found a good home. I am sure the puppy loves it outside. Emma would die without me...I am her security blanket.

All your presents that your are getting done are great! I agree I like the Mickey and Donald!

Bethany said...

My daughter would die for the Mickey and Donald design. Maybe I need that machine.

I'm glad Donkey made it home and that Hunter loves him. He's a beautiful kitty.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

You can just see the love already between Donkey and Hunter. Here's to a long and happy life together. Little by little Donkey is going to worm his way into your heart too and then bammmm you'll be petting him.
I just love the presents you're making. I like both the designs and it's hard to say which is my favorite.

Quilting Pirate said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh Donkey is adorable and the smile on Hunter is priceless!! Congrats!

You are a busy lady!

Wendy K said...

Definately think you should snuggle up in front of the fire with a good book...and a BIG bar of Chocolate! lol. Well done getting the're braver than me!

Amelia said...

You deserve an overcame a fear...we are so proud of you.

Donkey is HOME...he will come out and eat and use the litter box...just will take time.

I really like the embroidery work in different colors. I did not know if you had that option or not.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm betting you and Donkey end up the best of friends. Maybe not this week...but eventually.
That smile on your son's face says so much about his Mom! Have a great weekend

Moneik said...

You can really tell how happy Hunter is with his new cat! I'm sure you'll get used to him after a while.

Floss said...

By the look of the pictures Donkey will get all the attention he needs from Hunter.

Guðrún said...

I understand you must have been stressed to have the keys locked in the car and the motor running. Hunter looks very happy with his new friend.

Teresa said...

Donkey looks like a lovely cat, I'm sure that he will make a lovely friend for Hunter!
We got a cat, Icicle, from the cat rescue ourselves last week. She hid behind the washing machine for a while, but was soon marching about like she owns the place!

Jen said...

Gosh, I'm glad you found a cheaper way into your car. I suppose out by you, you just don't call AAA.