Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Evening Of Sewing

I just really couldn't get in the mood to sew until this evening. I was just really bored and restless. We got a little snow this morning and then it rained and melted it off. I worked on my "Churn Dash" I cut out my blocks, borders, and binding.

I sewed 8 more blocks tonight. That makes a total of 16 blocks. I don't have them all sewn into rows yet, actually I have a section of 8 sewn together, but the ones that I did tonight are not.

Hopefully, I will get more of it done tomorrow. I'm not in any big rush to finish it. I still need to pull out some fabric for my "Steps To The Alter" quilt. I'm being a little bit lazy on it. As soon as I finish my Churn Dash I will get back to working on it. I have a few other small projects that I would like to do within the next few days too. One of them is a "Sock Monkey" for Hunter. I have everything for it, I just need to sit down and do it.

Last but not least, here is a photo of my little one, Hunter. He fell asleep on the couch this evening, sucking his thumb. He has never sucked his thumb...


Amelia said...

What a little angel you have there!

I sure like the churn dash...I have seen that pattern many times but just kept on looking...but seeing yours makes me want to try it soon.

I want to get on some machine sewing soon...but I have a large scrap book project going and that has to be finished! It is one the centennial parade that was back in October and I am just now getting around to doing the layout.

Quilting Pirate said...

ahhhhhhh....Hunter is just precious!

I can't wait to see your churn dash quilt!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture of Hunter! Love how the blocks are coming out.
Deb (vtquilter)

Anonymous said...

You amaze me at all of the quilting you accomplish! How do you do it all? I was going to let you know that my nephew's wife wanted me to tell you to add her if you had a MySpace account. I gave her your blog url so she could
look at it. She has a little boy in Kindergarden also and I thought your boys may be going to the same school. I can give you her MySpace
if you want, just let me know. DebW

Norma said...

There is nothing to pull your heart strings like a sleeping baby. (and no matter how big, they are always our baby!)

It looks like you have been pretty busy to me! I like the churn dash also, and those are neat fabrics to use for it.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

That quilt is going to be smashing. The picture of Hunter is so precious he's such a little cutie. I don't care how big they get or how old they are always our babies.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your churn dash! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Kids are so sweet when they are sleeping.

Maureen said...

Picture of Hunter sleeping...Priceless!