Friday, January 4, 2008

Plans For A Purse

This has been a restless day. I guess because I had been expecting to spend time with mom. Now I am bored too death. Richard is in the bed, because he had to get up at 1am to go to work. Andrew went to his Uncle Hoss's for the weekend and Hunter is in his room playing the playstation. I know this would be the perfect time for me to sew, but I'm just not in the mood.

I had planned on making a purse for me and mom both. Just like the one that I made for my sister back in October. This is Chantal's, it is the Gracie Handbag, by Lazygirl Designs. I made several things to go with it like, the Wonder Wallet, travel tissue case, eyeglass case, cosmetic bag, and checkbook cover. I don't know if I will make all of the for me and mom or not.

So I've had this brown paisley fabric for a while now and I have been saving it for the purses. It is just like the blue that I used on Chantal's. Today while I was out shopping, I ran on to these buttons. I went ahead and bought them, I thought they would match the fabric. I know it is hard to tell much about it in the photo but they match perfectly. I couldn't believe it, since I didn't have the fabric with me.

Anyway, I probably won't make them for a while. I have them on my list of things to do for 2008, so I still have plenty of time. I had actually thought about trying to rush and sew mom's to give her when she gets home, but then I just found out that my brother has bought her a new Coach purse, so I will wait and give it to her later, that way I can take my time on sewing it.

Our water had froze off yesterday, because it was sooooooo cold. So yesterday evening Andrew and Richard dug up the line and fixed it. This took them until after dark. Richard rushed to get in bed and back up for work at midnight. Then he got up to leave for work and the starter went out on his truck. So that put him in a bad mood. I picked up a new one for him today. So then today around 4pm, I had no water. I went out and looked under the house and I had water spraying everywhere. I turned the water off and waited for Richard. I knew with everything else going wrong he would throw a fit. So when he got home he fixed the water. Nothing major this time, some small piece had broke, he replaced it and now we have water again. Now he will get back up at 1am, go to work, and come home and work on his truck. It NEVER ends, does it?


Amelia said...

When it rains it pours as the old saying goes...but in this weather you have to be careful about it freezing.

Richard has had his hands full with being plumber, mechanic plus his job of driving a truck.

I think I would wait on making the purse for your it when you have the time and don't feel fretful.

Have a good evening and get a good nights sleep. Things will look better in the morning.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I wish you were having a better week. Sometimes it just seems like you can't win. Keep your chin up and things will look better soon. Take care, Regina

Michelle said...

Your fabric and button looks great! Don't fret about not sewing. You have to rest SOMEtime.
(Besides, then that gives me a chance to catch up! Hee hee!)
Things will get better soon. Keep your head up, your eyes to the sky, keep the faith, and sing praises for all your blessings. Things will look better tomorrow.

Angie said...

Love the purse set that you made for your sister! I'm a 'bagaphobic'...I just cannot 'read' patterns and make sense of them. :/ I need someone to 'show' me. :/ But I always admire those who can make them!! :)

Norma said...

I am so sorry things didn't work out with your Mom coming. Its so hard when you are looking forward to something for a long time. Hopefully she will be there for the next planned Christmas! Gives you extra time for the purse and all the neat little ones to go with it.

Hope all the plumming issues go away soon.

Guðrún said...

I noticed that you have put your goal list for 2008 and January on the sidebar, I am struggling over if I ought to be so brave to do that myself.

Jen said...

I've got an idea for the next time you make a Gracie. At walmart (or anywhere but I know you go there so they should have it) there's a product sold by the bolt called "Deco Bond" or maybe it's "Decor Bond." It's a heavier weight interfacing. To me Gracie flops too much. I used the Decor Bond in my Miranda WITH my batting and it's awesome so you might want to slip some in there. It gives the bag "stand-up-ability."