Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fishing At The Pond

I know this is the second post for me today but just wanted to share some photos. We took the boys down to the pond to fish. We didn't get to fish very long but it was still nice family time. Here is a photo of Andrew being hateful because he doesn't want his photo taken.

Here is Hunter all kicked back and relaxing. If you look real close you can see Ida Belle coming out of the water. We could not keep her out she's half lab so I guess she has to get in the water.

This is just Hunter messing around by the pond.

This is just a photo of the pasture, just showing how pretty and green everything is getting.

Off in the distance you can see Ole Jim and of course, Ida Belle had to get in the photo too.
We didn't catch anything as you can see it started raining, so we packed up and ran for the house...
But still we had a nice time and it is times like this that the boys will always remember...


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing, Kristie. Yes, these are good memories, and fun family times. The kids will always remember.

Amelia said...

Fishing in the pond is so much fun. We go to the pond in back of our place a lot. Leon likes to fish out on the lake from a boat...but it scares me. Give me a pond bank any day of the week.

This has nothing to do with your posting - but have you noticed the scrambled letters for word verification have been ridiculously difficult today. I am looking at the one right now and it looks out of this world. I will probably needs several turns to get this posted.

Maureen said...

Looks like you all had a good time. Ida Bell is so cute.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

It sounds like it was a great day at your house too. Wow Ida Bells sure has grown. As always your pictures are great thanks for sharing them with us.

Caron said...

Kristie, thank you for giving the dear jane list your blog address. I'll add it to my website. Your property is beautiful! Sorry to hear about your thyroid. I've had thyroid problems for over 20 years, and today I have an ultrasound to see what's up with the nodules. Yuck!

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work, and your life!

Caron in Michigan

Guðrún said...

This day will live forever in your boys memory. There is nothing like quality time with your family.

Moneik said...

Sounds like you had some good family time! Enjoy your boys while they are young and free spirited.