Sunday, April 6, 2008

Night Of Sewing!

Last night, while we all sat and watched tv, I made 3 more Civil War blocks! This now makes me 25. I used some of my new fabric that I bought yesterday. Hopefully today I can get a couple more done. This first one is called..."The Southern Cause"

"Guerrilla Warfare" I don't like how this one turned out, it hurts my eyes, it's just too busy. But I'm sure when I get it in the quilt with the other blocks it will tone down some.
"Troops Arriving" Richard said he didn't see what took me so long making this one, it looks very simple. I had to tell him that it is NOT striped fabric, it is pieced. But it still took me 30 minutes to do.
So 25 down and 96 more to go!! I'll finish someday! I really can't wait to get all of them done.

Anyway, Richard is down at the sawmill, Hunter and Andrew are in their rooms and I think I am hitting the couch for a nap! I know it is not even noon yet, but this new medication is killing me. I stay so sleepy!


Anonymous said...

I can see why "Troops Arriving" would take a bit of time. Maybe its because I'm partial to those colors, but I just love that block!

Guðrún said...

Lovely fabrics as usual.