Friday, April 11, 2008

My Sewing Mess

My Friday night is not so exciting! Richard has to get up at midnight to go to work, so I am trying to clean up my sewing area! It is such a mess!!!! This photo was taken after I had cleaned it up some. I always make a mess when I sew, I think it is because I am usually working on several things at one time.

The projects that I have piled out that I am working on are:

~ Civil War Diary Quilt
~ Orange Crush Mystery
~ Miniature Booty Swap
~ Bucket Tote

~ Storm At Sea Wallhanging

~ Couch Caddy

And several other little things that I have been playing around with! Richard swears that I have "Quilter's ADHD" He says that I quilt all the time and can't concentrate on just one project! That is probably why I have such a mess!

The boys and I have been watching some tv, we are having heavy rain and thunderstorms so there is not alot else to do. Andrew decided to watch "Hitman" on Pay-Per-View. I'm not much into it, but the boys seem to like it! Well....I take that back...his girlfriend just called and now he is off to his room to talk to her! Hmmm...I guess he is at the age that girlfriends come before Mommy!!!!!

I talked to Mom today and she will be home the 25th! I can't wait to see her! I miss her so much! She sounded so tired, she said she had 12 extra people to cook for today! I can't imagine, I get tired trying to cook for the 4 of us!

Oh and as you all know Fridays are my shopping day! Chantal had the day off so she went with me. We had a great time even though we had to pay bills and grocery shop! We also stopped at a new "junk store" that they just opened up in town last week. She bought 2 beach bags that still had the tags on them and I bought some I need anymore but I have almost as many romance novels as I do fabric! But it was nice spending the day with her!


julieQ said...

Quilter's ADHD sounds like most of us!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

I am the same way. I leave all my projects that I am working on out over my counter in my sewing room. Every once in awhile I overhaul. That's my system!

You can never have too many romance novels :o) I have bookshelves full.

Hazel said...

Don't all quilters have a room that looks like this ,I know mine does .I clean my room and machine with the start of each new project .Ok I admit I went to a second hand store and bought another machine its a newer one ,a Kenmore which is made by Janome .Brought it home and it worked like a gem ,mind you hubby's eyes started rolling and said what in the world do you need another machine for ,I have 5 or 6 now but for $15.00 I just couldn't resist it .He said I have a problem LOL .

Carol Van Rooy said...

I love JUNK STORES. I've bought four board games for under $10 for the lot in just the last month or two. I couldn't buy one new for that price.

Better yet, two are vintage and are no longer in print. WAH HOO!!!

Michelle said...

I have found, that no project can be done without a mess. Don't be so hard on yourself girl!

Guðrún said...

Don´t we all have Quilter´s ADHD *LOL*

Jen said...

Wow...that's not as bad as my room!! Seriously!!