Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nice complements and Puppy update!

This morning I had to take Andrew into town for his chest x-ray. His appointment with the Heart Specialist is Friday morning. So I have to take a copy of the x-ray with us. So today was the first time that I had been out since I had made my new purse on Sunday. As you know we quilter's are our own worst critics. I am always paranoid when someone else looks at my work. Even though I love my purse and was very proud that I had made it, I'm always afraid that someone else with find something that I have done wrong...I guess it's just me. I had to go to Medical Records to sign a release form to get the copy of his x-ray and the lady at the front desk went wild over my purse. At first I didn't know what to say except "Thank You" she asked where I had got it and I told her I made it. She looked at me sorta weird and asked if she could see it. And then she called for the other ladies to come and look at it. They all loved it!!! I was very proud!! I don't care what it is...purse or quilt, when someone compliments your work it really makes you feel good. But I think Andrew might have been just a little bit embarassed. :) So "Thank You" for the Bucket Tote pattern! You have made my day!!!

I stopped by Walmart to pick up some milk while I was out and they still have some of their sewing supplies on clearance. So of course, I just had to pick these little goodies up. Who knows I may use them someday.
After coming back home, I decided I would pick out a book to read while I waited for the next step for the Orange Crush quilt. Well, as you can see I have a ton of Historical Romance Novels but for the life of me, I just couldn't find anything that caught my eye. There are two more rows behind these and then I also have 5 Avon boxes full of books too. I haven't read any of them!!! When I do read one, I throw it in a box and either let mom read them or take them to the bookstore to trade back in...I'm thinking I may need to clear out some books to make more room for fabric.... :)
Puppy Update!!! There are now 3 of them. Two black ones and the brown one. The sweetest thing sister's dog just had a litter of pups a few weeks ago and she lives on the property that connects with mine. Her dog is coming over and letting them nurse!!! We thought about moving the puppies over there with hers but I don't think she liked that idea so we will just let her keep making the trip back and forth as long as she wants to. I got them to eat a little so they should be fine.
So now, I guess instead of reading I will clean house until the next step for the Orange Crush is posted....HURRY, BONNIE, I HATE CLEANING!!!!!!!


Amelia said...

You earned the compliment for such a great looking purse. I know (speaking for myself) it is hard to accept them from time to time.

Our Wal-Mart had a few things on sale - but not anything I would ever use.

The puppies are so I can't have cats would go bonkers if we brought in competition of our attention.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Moneik said...

Your purse is great and you deserved all the comments on it. It looks great!

The Quilting Pirate said...

OOo I need to run to walmart for supplies...I need the easy triangle and my shop hasn't got it in...because...well, the next clue is up! :)

The puppies are multiplying? Yipes!

Kelly said...

I love the purse, that is nice to get lots of compliments too! Thanks for the link to the instructions, I have never made a purse before so I might try this.
Cute puppies too. I have enjoyed reading how attached you have become to Donkey. I am a cat person and just love how sweet they are and easy to take care of.

Suzan said...

The purse is really lovely. Looks like a nice one to try.

Our Wal-Mart hasn't started discounting the sewing stuff yet but I go in and check on a regular basis!

Valerie said...

Love the purse. Love the puppies! I really enjoyed my visit and will be back.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

How wonderful about the puppies! And I love your purse too :o)

Anonymous said...

The purse is gorgeous!! Good luck with the puppies!

Norma said...

How nice that you took on the puppies!

It is so nice when someone notices something that you made, and even better when someone shows someone else, but why not, that bag is really wonderful.

Last trip to Walmart, I saw some clearance things but nothing I needed. I must have missed the boat again!

jillytacy said...

I loved the purse when I saw your post the other day. I had wondered if I had to buy a pattern for it or if there was a tutorial out there for it. Thanks for sharing the link, I've added it to my list of things I want to create. Of course that list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I think often we are our own worst critics when it comes to sewing. Honestly everything I've seen here on your blog looks beautiful, so don't be hard on yourself, there's no need.
Glad the puppies are doing well, they're so cute!